24 adjectives to describe violin

Operatic violin pieces the whole world plays.

One woman, young and pretty, came into the room, bringing in her arms a large toy horse, and a little violin.

SEE The Tours ideal violin method.

Then, leaning back, he reached through the window, and took down a rude violin, and began to play an old air of the border, accompanying the tune with a low chant, in the Indian fashion.

Linforth, fresh from the deep valleys of Chiltistan, was elated by the lights, the neighbourhood of people delicately dressed, and the subdued throb of music from muted violins.

The Lost violin.

We have suddenly a beautiful woman running distracted about the stage to a symphonyand a very noisy symphonyof violins, and butchered before our eyes to an allegro movement.

Sylvia was astonished at their numberssixteen first violins, she saw by the program!

M. Bartin played one of numerous violins at the Academy of Music, and was believed to be kept down only by a powerful combination.

A violone grunts out a low accompaniment to a vinegar-sharp violin which saws out the air, while a trumpet blares in at intervals to endeavor to unite the two, and a flute does what it can, but not what it would.

Broken glasses, bottles, jugs, were mixed up with a shattered violin, the medals of a grandfather who fought in '70, the children's broken toys, clothes, foodstuff, and picture frames.

Until at length from the midst of the din Comes the squeak of a spectral violin, That must be the rascally fiddler lout Who ran off with the bridal penny!

First let the sprightly violin The joyful melody begin, And none of all her strings be mute; While the sharp sound and shriller lay 10 In sweet harmonious notes decay, Softened and mellowed by the flute.

The poetic talent of the Touareg women, and the use they make of this giftwhich they employ to celebrate or to rail at, with the accompaniment of their one-stringed violin, that which excites their admiration or inspires them with disdainis a stimulant for warriors: "That which spurs me to battle is a word of scorn, And the fear of the eternal malediction Of God, and the circles of the young Maidens with their violins.

We have suddenly a beautiful woman running distracted about the stage to a symphonyand a very noisy symphonyof violins, and butchered before our eyes to an allegro movement.

they all shouted and then one, Tee Tee Tubbytee, a great speaker, said: "We watched you moving in, and decided to have a nice, fine, lovely party for you, so I called all the neighbors together and here we are!" Some of the tiny creatures had brought their tiny violins and some their elfin flutes, and as all were in a merry mood they played rollicking airs such as "The Wind Tinkles the Fairy Bells" and "Mother Hulda Picks Her Geese.

Do you have a violin, umm, fiddle?"

The very air seems to breathe, to sigh, to laugh, while the musicians, with disheveled locks, streaming brows and furious bows, strike, draw, drive, scatter from the anguished violins a never-ending rout of screaming harmonies.

Every day, they heard, in the depths of the neighboring orange grove, the music of that unseen violin.

In his hand Verty carried his old battered violin; at his heels stalked the grave and dignified Longears.

Never had a leg of lamb or a piece of roast beef gone so far in her domestic experience, a chicken seemed almost to outlive its usefulness in its various forms of reappearance, and the salads he devised were as wonderful as the omelets he superintended, or the gay dances he played on his beloved violin, as soon as he could sit up enough to manage it.

as he played His cherished violin, Forever drawing to and fro O'er silent strings a loosened bow.

"Och violet and vermilion!" said Sir Patrick; "though I never thought of it before, I dare say she will suit me as well as another; but then you must persuade the ould Orpheus to draw out a few notes of rather a more magical description than those he is so fond of scraping on his crazy violin.

Then Veronica began to play on her violin, and Sahwah's discontented thoughts took wing, and she went floating out on a magic sea of music, and sat with closed eyes drinking in those wild, seraphic melodies that flowed from Veronica's enchanted bow until it seemed as if it could be no mere violin making that music, it was the Angel Israel, playing on his own heart strings.

24 adjectives to describe  violin