253 adjectives to describe visit

Already one Kindergarten had been opened by a Madame Ronge, to which Rowland Hill sent his children, and to which Dickens paid frequent visits.

In the cultivation of my farmin educating our children, a son and two daughters, in reading, music, paintingand in occasional visits to our friends in New-York and Philadelphia, seventeen years glided swiftly and imperceptibly away; at the end of which time death, in depriving me of an excellent wife, made a wreck of my hopes and enjoyments.

The war closing in 1865, I was discharged, and after a brief visit at Leavenworth I returned to St. Louis, having made up my mind to capture the heart of Miss Frederici, whom I now adored above any other young lady I had ever seen.

During the last few days of our wrecking, Captain Selover had omitted his daily visit.

You are going for a friendly visit.

Do you see?' 'What a lot you seem to think of one little visit, Vincy!

Each year when the fleet put into Leghorn we were inseparable, for in long years past, at Portsmouth, we had been close friends, and now he was able to pay me annual visits at my Italian home.

I exclaimed, scenting mystery in this unexpected visit.

At a subsequent visit, looking more critically at the irregular circle of dwellings that surround the yew-tree and confront the church, I perceived that some of the houses must have been built within no long time, although the thatch, the quaint gables, and the old oaken framework of the others diffused an air of antiquity over the whole assemblage.

Two or three days after the new cabinet was announced, W. took me to the Elysee to pay my official visit to the Marechale de MacMahon.

And then John Randolph had come to make one of his pleasant, informal visits and they had sat together in a beautiful fellowship, talking of the things pertaining to the Kingdom.

I made weekly visits to my own house, which was never dismantled, as I always felt our stay at the Quai d'Orsay would not last much longer.

At the commencement of this year, 1819, apprehending himself required to pay a religious visit to the families of Friends in Barnsley, he consulted Joseph Wood on the subject, who encouraged him "not to be afraid to pursue" the path which had been opened before him.

When Raphael paid that memorable visit to Paradise,which we are expressly told by Milton he did exactly at dinner-time,Eve seems to have prepared "a little dinner" not wholly destitute of complexity, and to have added ice-creams and perfumes.

He was for some years one of the governors of the New York Hospital, and I remember when he made periodical visits to the Insane Asylum at Bloomingdale, as one invested with authority there.

"Well, now, what a delightful way of prolonging a delightful visit.

Again I paid a formal official visit to the Marechale de MacMahon as soon as the ministry was announced.

But the French agents were not informed of their master's intended visit to Péronne, and did not attempt to discourage a premature attack.

The next day be remembered that though it was nearly six months since he had taken possession of his cure, his pastoral visits were not yet completed.

The two royal visits were not without their political significanceusing the word political in its larger meaning.

Dr. Pascal then resumed his professional visits in the town and the surrounding country.

It was quite possible he was mistaken, but if, on the other hand, Hill was paying a nocturnal visit to Riversbrook and he had the luck to capture him, he might extract from him some valuable evidence for the forthcoming trial that Hill had kept back.

By 1798 Miss More had withdrawn almost entirely from London society, contenting herself with a yearly visit of two months, which she divided between Mrs. Garrick, Bishop Porteus, Lord Teignmouth, and one or two others.

I should have had plenty of time to pay Santiago a flying visit, since it is only 130 miles from Valparaiso, but the expenses would have been very heavy, as there is no public conveyance, and consequently I should have been obliged to hire a carriage for myself.

A month before the date of starting J.W. had time for no more than a hurried visit to Delafield, to say good-by to the home folk and to the preacher whom he had come to think of as Timothy might have thought of Paul.

253 adjectives to describe  visit