255 adjectives to describe visitors

Such messengers were frequent visitors during Gerbert's prosperous career.

They were met at the station by General Emory and Major Brown, with a cavalry company as escort and a sufficient number of vehicles to carry the distinguished visitors and their baggage.

" As Kemp passed down the hall he met the manager, who was obviously pleased to see such an unwelcome visitor making his departure.

We regard Mr. Beck, not as a casual visitor, but as a firm friend to whom we owe much; he has been here again and again and we hope will often repeat his visits, and Englishmen will never forget how, at a crisis in our fate, Mr. James Beck profoundly influenced the judgment of the neutral world and vindicated, by his masterly and sympathetic argument, the justice of our cause.

To me, who had hitherto lived without any companions of my own age except occasional visitors, the idea of a playfellow constantly to associate with, was very pleasant; and, after the first shyness of feeling her altered situation was over, Ann seemed as much at her ease as if she had always been brought up in our house.

Here my three dearly welcome visitors took up their station, and at once began to embroider the frosty air with their delicious melody, doubly delightful to me that particular morning, as I had been somewhat apprehensive of danger in breaking my way down through the snow-choked cañons to the lowlands.

A needy adventurer, named Godin de St. Croix, had formed an acquaintance with the Marquis during their campaigns in the Netherlandsbecame at Paris a constant visitor at his house, where in a short time he found means to insinuate himself into the good graces of the Marchioness.

" Acton remained watching at the window while the others hastily cleared away all traces of the feast; the Triple Alliance retired to their own room, and nothing further was heard or seen of the mysterious visitor.

'Yes,' he rejoined, 'but yours will be new; you have reached a stratum lower than any foreign visitor has yet done.'

They found no servant in the antechamber, and even the dim drawing-room, where the blinds of embroidered muslin were lowered, while the armchairs were arranged in a circle, as on reception days, when numerous visitors were expected, at first seemed to them to be empty.

I know not whether its waters are ever tasted nowadays; but not the less does Leamingtonin pleasant Warwickshire, at the very midmost point of England, in a good hunting neighborhood, and surrounded by country-seats and castlescontinue to be a resort of transient visitors, and the more permanent abode of a class of genteel, unoccupied, well-to-do, but not very wealthy people, such as are hardly known among ourselves.

I resided in Augustine five months, and had I not made particular inquiries, which most northern visitors very seldom or never do, I should have left there with the impression that the slaves were generally very well treated, and were a happy people.

Even when the greatest of all looked up from his work and saw her, he would give her a friendly greeting and a smile; and nobody was too wise to lend an ear to the little visitor, or to answer her questions.

"I expect, my lady, it's the new rector, who everybody says is so good to the poor and needy; but I have not found time yet to go to church to hear his reverence preach, ma'am," courtseying and handing the fresh dusted chairs to her unexpected visitors.

If I cannot welcome some illustrious visitors in such consummate verse as Pope, I may, I hope, not without blameless pride, tell you, reader, in this chair have sat some public characters, distinguished by far more noble qualities than "the nobly pensive St. John!"

He was no longer the bearded desperado Jack had seen in the mêlée at Rosedalethere was a certain distinction in the poise of the head, an inborn gentility in the impassive contemplation with which he met the furtive scrutiny of the curious visitors.

The sperm whale, or cachalot, (genus physeter) is a rare visitor in the higher latitudes.

The celestial visitor was gone almost as suddenly and mysteriously as it had come.

He was now an almost daily visitor at the widow Kinloch's.

" "Well, did your late master's nocturnal visitors ever become quarrelsome?"

There were the Church of England, the Post Office, a refractory lieutenant-governor down in Prince Edward Island, two royal visitors, and many other distracting matters.

They are gossiping, and love to receive their female visitors.

One arose quickly at the unexpected appearance of these unknown visitors, expressing, by the surprise and the confusion of his eye, the wonder into which he was thrown by so unlooked-for guests.

The Germans have boasted to the neutral visitor that their artificial nitrates are just as good fertilisers as those imported from South America.

He was unpacking his bundle and arranging its contents on the table, where a servant had placed a lamp when he admitted this unusual visitor.

255 adjectives to describe  visitors
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