43 adjectives to describe volcano

The long-repressed intellect of man had broken into a violent eruption like that of a seemingly extinct volcano.

Days of excitement and pleasant work, with the little volcano grumbling more sulkily all the time ...

Sabina, perhaps you might like to relate to Mr. Smith that interview, and the circumstances under which you made your first sketch of that magnificent and little-known volcano?' Sabina blushed againthis time scarlet; and, to Lancelot's astonishment, pulled off her slipper, and brandishing it daintily, uttered some unintelligible threat, in an Oriental language, at the laughing Claude.

Betts listened with the greatest attention, casting occasional glances upward at the immense mass that had been so suddenly lifted out of the sea, as well as turning his head to regard the smoke of the more distant volcano.

Mr. JOHN BURNS, who happily describes himself as "a dormant volcano" has of late found an agreeable stimulant in the performance of solos on the muted first violin.

like air-stones out of a lunar volcano, will crash down on the lumps of nonsense in all of them till we have made powder of them like Aaron's calf!

And if this did be so, truly, how wondrous and dread a way had I yet to go, if that this Country of Seas and mighty volcanoes stood between.

Hawaii contains a tremendous volcano, the top of which is 16,000 feet above the level of the sea.

They have also numerous volcanoes, each of which sheds a strong light for many miles around.

Leavitt, at the water's edge, had waved us a last good-by and had then abruptly turned back into the forest, very likely to go clambering like a demented goat up the flanks of his beloved volcano and to resume poking about in its steaming fissuresan occupation of which he never tired.

The reticent volcano keeps His never slumbering plan; Confided are his projects pink To no precarious man.

On the other side the Tuileries, the Légion d'Honneur, the Ministère de la Guerre, and the Ministère des Finances are flaming still, like five great craters of a gigantic volcano!

He did fancy his angel-sister was there; but when he said so to Ethelyn she started with a shiver, and asked to be driven home, for she did not care to have even dead eyes looking into her heart, where the fires of passion were surging and swelling, like some hidden volcano, struggling to be free.

A fascinating, achromatic sketch of the Geysers of Iceland, those wonderful hydraulic volcanoes, which would readily he considered objects of the greatest natural grandeur, if the hotels in the neighborhood were only a little better kept and more judiciously advertised.

Far to the northward, in Oregon, the icy volcanoes of Mount Pitt and the Three Sisters rise above the dark evergreen woods.

Towards the smoke, Unus and his sister continued to paddle, and, after thirty-six hours of nearly unremitted labour, they succeeded in landing at the volcano, ignorant of its nature, awe-struck and trembling, but compelled to seek a refuge there, as the land-bird rests its tired wing on the ship's spars, when driven from the coast by the unexpected gale.

During the night we passed a small insulated volcano that was emitting a faint smoke, and in the morning made the north side of Wetter, which ranges from 3000 to 4000 feet in height, is very barren, and apparently thinly inhabited.

It is an isolated, extinct volcano surrounded by igneous rocks, lavas, andesites, and basalts.

MASONRY.It has recently been discovered, that there is a hidden danger in this ancient fraternity, and that society has been all the while sitting, as it were, on the top of a volcano, liable, at any moment, to burst.

Some of the loftier volcanoes are still active, and the vapour of their craters mounts skyward above white fields of eternal snow.

Right in the centre rise the great volcanoes, Ruapehu, Tongariro and Tarawera, majestic in their outlines, fascinating because of the restless fires within and the outbreaks which have been and will again take place.

Martinique volcanoes shatter our wordsworthian equilibrium with nature.

Huge piles of smoking slag that had gleamed dully behind the mills now were veined with vivid red, looking like miniature volcanoes streaked with lava.

And there was a mighty peaked volcano that grew out from the side of the mountain so high up as five miles, as I did guess that height; and this was upon the far side.

For Bully West was straddling up and down the room, a pent volcano ready to explode.

43 adjectives to describe  volcano