14 adjectives to describe volitions

Sometimes this is done unconsciously, the consciousness coming only after the action: at other times with conscious volition, but volition which has become habitual, and is put into operation by the force of habit, in opposition perhaps to the deliberate preference, as often happens with those who have contracted habits of vicious or hurtful indulgence.

You fancy now that in this flash all the wealth of her soul burned out and left her a mere volition and motive power?

He was habituated to triumph; it had been his lot to come, to see, and to conquer; even the procrastination of certain success was intolerable to him; his energetic volition could not endure a check.

We have considered subjective volition where it has an object which is the truth and essence of realityviz., where it constitutes a great world-historical passion.

In the second, the metaphysical, period, the acts of divine volition are replaced by entities, by abstract concepts, which are regarded as realities, as the true reality back of phenomena.

The independent volition of Quakerism is one of their prime peculiarities.

In the paralysis of the young, in defective volition from hysteria, in impaired local nutrition, in local deformities dependent on muscular contraction, and in lateral curvature of the spine, it unquestionably often produces the best results.

There however, a slow, though nearly imperceptible, motion in the ship itself, which was apparently made, like the lazy movement of a slumbering whale, more by listless volition, than through any agency of human hands.

The formal volition (of which we have spoken) wills itself and desires to make its own personality valid in all that it purposes and does; even the pious individual wishes to be saved and happy.

Suddenly she was gazing down, down, down, into black depths which seemed calling irresistibly and melting her power of muscular volition, while he with another step was on the very edge, leaning over and smiling.

And she felt an awe, which was agreeable to her, of his tremendous enterprise and his obstinate volition.

Peaceful reconciliation is of more worth than the spirit's hardly gained victory in the conflict with the sensibility; fine feeling is more than rational volition; the highest ideal is the beautiful soul, in which inclination not merely obeys the command of duty, but anticipates it.

If independent volition, sensible or subliminal, were absent, it could hardly have been apparent.

His lone yet independent situation, his impetuous yet firm volition, alike qualified him to achieve the career most grateful to his disposition.

14 adjectives to describe  volitions