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95 adjectives to describe  wagon

95 adjectives to describe wagon

As this was to be dangerous work, on account of the Indians, who were riding all over that section of the country, and as I would be obliged to go from five to ten miles from the road each day to hunt the buffaloes, accompanied by only one man with a light wagon for the transportation of the meat, I of course demanded a large salary.

Moreover, the dragging of the loaded little wagon was more difficult here for Abraham.

Look there!" A covered wagon had at that moment stopped before the door.

Something had caused a swimming before his eyes which he did not wish his wife to see; so he let fall the handle of the express-wagon and, bending his slow back, plucked a sprig of "old-man."

Ox wagons, bundles and babies on dog-drawn carts or on men's backs, bicycles and handcarts laden with kitchen utensils, all mingled with the human stream.

Moreover, the dragging of the loaded little wagon was more difficult here for Abraham.

I asked my father what they were and where they were going; he explained to me that they were emigrant wagons bound for Utah and California.

Ox wagons, bundles and babies on dog-drawn carts or on men's backs, bicycles and handcarts laden with kitchen utensils, all mingled with the human stream.

The General usually traveled in an ambulance, but this trip he was to make in a six-mule wagon, under the escort of a squad of twenty infantrymen.

The welcome wagon.

Again he caused a four-wheeled wagon to be prepared in which the bowl was put to be conveyed away.

Des wagons (de voyageurs).

Here were the remains of a broken wagon, several wheels, and the major portion of a venerable and useless stove.

The buildings, however, were set close to the road and fixed their interest on such occasional wagons as creaked by.

We got to the edge of town and stopped to let the rear wagons close up, and were in front of a saloon, where the bartender had been emptying stale beer out of the bottoms of kegs into a washtub, which was standing on the sidewalk, ready to be sold to people who buy it in pails.

This proved to be a lucky march for us as far as gaining on Penrose was concerned, for the route he had taken on the west side of the stream turned out to be a bad one, and we went with our immense wagon train as far in one day as Penrose had in seven.

The light carts I saw preparing some weeks since, were sent off to the frontiers; therefore, to add to the sufferings of these brave men, they are brought in upon the rough wagons employed in agriculture.

Accordingly, when at four o'clock A.M. Maggie, who was partially awake, heard in the distance the shrill scream of the engine, as the night express thundered through the town, she little dreamed of the boxes, bundles, trunks, and bags which lined the platform of Hillsdale station, nor yet of the resolute woman in brown who persevered until a rude one-horse wagon was found in which to transport herself and her baggage to the old stone house.

I'm whoopin' glad to see you!" He turned to the driver of the foremost wagon.

Still a cluster of houses on differing elevations, with scraps of garden coming in between, a hedgerow with clothes laid out to dry, the opening of a street with its rural sociability, the women at their doors, the slow wagon lumbering along, gives a centre to the landscape.

SEE Powell, Harford. STRIBLING, T. S. The sound wagon.

The October morning was clear and crisp and frosty, and the sun had not yet shown itself above the eastern hills, when Captain Markham's carryall drove to Aunt Barbara's gate, followed by the long democratic-wagon which was to take the baggage.

The prospect pleased them all so much that they made light of the merciless jostling received in that springless wagon over wretched Virginia shore roads.

" A boxed wagon had driven from the road into the yard.

I purchased four stout wagons, and thirty mules with harness and outfit for the road, complete; and engaged the services of an old Texan named Jerry Vance, as wagon-master for the trip.

At last I was lucky enough to light on a sturdy wagon, drawn by a pair of serviceable bays, and driven by James Grayden, with whom I was destined to have a somewhat continued acquaintance.

A year ago she had a neat little wagon and a good horse to drive.

Just before we reached Chelles we saw the first signs of actual war preparations, as there we ran inside the wire entanglements that protect the approach to the outer fortifications at Paris, and at Pantin we saw the first concentration of trainsmiles and miles of made-up trains all carrying the Red Cross on their doors, and line after line of trucks with gray ammunition wagons, and cannons.

He was evidently a man of quick action, for he saw the girl and horseless wagon at a glance, touched the reins, stopped the horse, and jumped out before Fannie could think, taking off his hat and saying: "Lady in distress, runaway horse, lucky not to have upset

Bathing machines lined the beach, of course, within the limits of the town; those queer, old, clumsy looking wagons, with a dressing cabin on wheels, that were drawn up and down according to the tide, so that bathers might enter the water from them directly.

Uncovered wagon.

I could never forget that!" At this moment there was a clatter of hoofs and a rattle of wheels, and a brown horse, drawing a very loose-jointed wagon, with Ralph Haverley, in a broad hat and light tennis jacket, driving, dashed up to the back door and stopped with a jerk.

The unfamiliar noises, the sight of the rising "sea of canvas," the touch of mysterious wagons containing so many wonders, and the intoxicating smell that comes only with much canvas, many animals, and the unpacking of Pandora's box, stuffed the boys' senses until they viewed with utter stoicism the passing dinner hour and the prospect of finding only cold mashed potatoes and the necks and backs of chickens in the cupboards.

He did much to thwart this officer in organizing a native wagon train and otherwise providing for his troops, and he went so far, in a letter of July 23d (copy herewith marked "J"), as to warn General Anderson not to land American troops on Philippine soil without his consenta notice which, it is hardly necessary to say, was ignored.

" He stepped to the nearest wagon, felt under the cover, and came back with a small bottle in his hand.

By the time the ninth wagon was safely landed, darkness fell.

We walked to the end of the platform, where the hackman was already tumbling my trunks about, and after we had seen them piled upon his nondescript wagon, I followed Bates down through the broad quiet street of the village.

Rifles and revolvers are made in limited number from the iron tires of the numerous wagons in which goods are brought into the Valley.

Can we get through with / Peut-on passer avec de grosses heavily loaded wagons | voitures chargรฉes (avec des (auto trucks) \ camions-automobiles)?

Many ramshackle old wagons were already drawn up in the barn-yard and hitched to trees along the cart track.

After the Presbyterian Church was built in Paradise, no more edifying spectacle could be seen than the arrival on Sunday mornings of the Dumble family in their roomy spring wagon.

"Can't you drive there with me, Cousin Sam, and get some more?" "I shall be charmed," said I. Peter rang the bell and ordered the horse to be ready in the single-seated wagon, after dinner.

A few shabby old farm-wagons stood here and there by these fences; the sleepy horses which had drawn them thither having been taken out of the shafts, and tethered in some mysterious way to the hinder part of the wagons.

There was but a single road, a muddy and terrible road, and with five or six wagons going over it the sixth wagon would be on the axle tree, and in taking up some artillery I had fourteen horses on one battery that was usually drawn by four, and even with that number it went out of sight, and we had to leave it and dig it out after the water had subsided.

The large-sized Government wagon is, it has been proved, too heavy for four horses.

Rufus drove one excellent horse to a smart green wagon, and brought packages from the depot, which he delivered about the town.

Gee, those cars are bad enough without being mashed up more by some sneeze wagon.

The continual passing of the camions, the splendid transport wagons of the French Army, carrying either food, munitions, or troops, has stirred up the dust and coated the fields, trees and hedges with a thick layer of white.

The men at the roundhouse window heard the crash of the splintering wagon above the roar of the train; and the wiper on the window seat yelped like a kicked dog and went sickly green under his mask of grime.

When a stationary wagon or other obstruction sent me out into the road, it enabled me to pick up the curb again unerringly.

" The party went through the streets at a rapid walk, now and then meeting a horse-car, now and then a stray wagon, but invariably allowed to take its own way, with very little regard for the rule of the road.

" "Aground!" exclaimed Podington, "Heaven be praised!" As the two men stood up in the submerged wagon the water was above their knees, and when Podington looked out over the surface of the pond, now so near his face, it seemed like a sheet of water he had never seen before.

It is impossible to enumerate in this paper all the various kinds of wagons and trucks suitable for the service of iron works, shipyards, mines, quarries, forests, and many other kinds of works; and we therefore limit ourselves to mentioning only a few instances which suffice to show that the narrow gauge can be applied to works of the most varied nature and under the most adverse circumstances possible.

That afternoon under my window there was a tall wagon, a sort of hay wagon, in which there were twenty-two little tow-headed children, none more than eight or ten and several almost babies in arms.

Five or six miles from camp, they came upon his tenantless wagon, with the oxen unhooked and feeding on the trail near-by.

[Illustration: "I'M THE ONE WILL HAVE TO BE CAUGHT"] From a high, tented wagon in one such train, creaking its rough way down Emigration Caรฑon, with straining oxen and tired but eager people, there had leaped one late afternoon the girl whose eyes were to call to him so potently,incomparable eyes, large and deep, of a velvety grayness, under black brows splendidly bent.

Starting in the direction of the fire so fast approaching, as he yelled, at the top of his voice, "Git ther empty corn-sacks, blankets, anything ter keep ther fire off from ther wagons and critters.

There are many stretches of good gravel, and here and there a piecea sampleof State road, perfectly laid macadam, with signs all along requesting persons not to drive in the centre of the highway,this is to save the road from the hollows and ruts that horses and narrow-tired wagons invariably make, and in which the water stands, ultimately wearing the macadam through.

As a rule, the softest, deepest, and most treacherous places in sand are the tracks where wagons travelthese are like quicksand.

The sidewalks and carriageways were crowded; civilians and soldiers; wagons, guns, caissons, ambulances; companies, spick-and-span, which, had not yet seen service; ones, twos, threes, squads of men who had escaped from the disaster of the 21st, unarmed, many of them, without knapsacks, haggard.

A strong and convenient running gear, so arranged as to be easily attached and detached at pleasure, is furnished, if desired; forming, when separate, a useful wagon.

There is, however, great difference in the material used, and some makers make better wagons than others.

per week, so that she could buy a new yellow wagon, silver-mounted harness and prancing mules, a gorgeous red silk dress with much finery, with which she could outshine all her neighbors.

Frequently had he gazed out of a window at the point in the road on which the first sight of an approaching spring-wagon could have been caught; and had said to himself: "If only Roberta were here, that old hag would not dare to speak a word to me!

If you think you ain't, try to pull yore wagon out.

As they neared the cross-roads they were halted a moment, and then the guns and their attendant ammunition wagons only went on, turned into the wood, and recommenced to trot.

When I would load the barn yard wagon full of fody it would be high from the groun, that is nice

They took only their wagons, bedding, and provisions, leaving their other possessions to the mercy of the expected despoiler.

Near by a lantern-bedecked rubber-neck wagon was in process of unloading its cargo of seekers after the curious and unwholesome.

A man went ahead in a buckboard wagon that bore provisions.

It would be sufficiently analogous with our mode of forming the words, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Scotchmen, Dutchmen, and Irishmen, and perhaps not unpoetical, to say: "Of Sericana, where Chinese-men drive, With sails and wind, their cany wagons light.

Year in, year out, along the roads the ceaseless wagons clattered; Listened we for an English voice ever, ever in vain; Far in the west, year out, year in, terrible thunders battered, Drumming the doom of whomof whom?

The Unique City When we drew near Ypres we met a civilian wagon laden with furniture of a lower middle-class house, and also with lengths of gilt picture frame-moulding.

The words "lost," "ruined," "outcast," which were always applied to such as she had become, ran through my mind all the time; and yet, she seemed a better girl when I talked with her than when she was running over the prairie like a plover following old Tom and the little clittering wagon.

Bathing machines lined the beach, of course, within the limits of the town; those queer, old, clumsy looking wagons, with a dressing cabin on wheels, that were drawn up and down according to the tide, so that bathers might enter the water from them directly.

The little square in front of our railway station at Couilly is full of grey cannon and ammunition wagons, and there are military kitchens and all sorts of commissary wagons along all the roadsides between here and Crรฉcy-en-Brie, which is the distributing headquarters for all sorts of material.

Strong, commodious emigrant wagons were constructed especially for the purpose.

Men had cut away the forest and had built a crude wagon road to Snowy Gulch.

To the women who stood in the long lines waiting with the potato and butter tickets for food on the other side of the old stone bridge that spans the Havel they were merely ordinary cumbersome furniture wagons.

And there were other tradesseemingly loose enoughin which one drove the most delightful wagons, and which endured the year round and not, as with the ice trade, merely for the summer.

They bought him a surrey and a depot wagon.

No one ever called her by her full name of Marda Lee, because she was a Lee only by courtesy, having been adopted from a distant wagon when both her parents were killed in a thunderstorm.

Now there was vigorous splashing and tugging, and then a jet black horse, shining as if he had been newly varnished, pulled a dripping wagon containing two well-soaked men upon a shelving shore.

They filled their "dugout wagons" with corn.

The municipal guards came by, shoulder to shoulder, as on parade, but they were followed by long convoys of mounted men on stumbling horses, who came with heaps of disorderly salvage piled on to dusty wagons.

[It], jeep, four-wheel drive vehicle, electric car, steamer; golf cart, electric wagon; taxicab, cab, taxicoach^, checker cab, yellow cab; station wagon, family car; motorcycle, motor bike, side car; van, minivan, bus, minibus, microbus; truck, wagon, pick-up wagon, pick-up, tractor- trailer, road train, articulated vehicle; racing car, racer, hot rod, stock car, souped-up car.

The mural decorations in the corridor caught his eyethe covered wagon, drawn by oxen plodding patiently into the sunsetthe incoming settlers of the pioneer days.

"Yes." "And if that money were spent for those things, the people would have just so many fewer wagons, mowing-machines, rakes, and cattle issued to them next year, wouldn't they?"

"I have gone to the bottom in a foundered road-wagon.

Then he did likewise with the oxen in the second, the third, and the fourth wagons, and, turning about, went on his way, and left the wonder-stricken butchers staring after him, speechless, in the street.

It was the thunder of apples being poured into barrels, and, as in a sleep, the fragrant wagons passed and repassed along the road"the slow-moving wagons of our lady of Eleusis.

Its dark, weatherbeaten roof and sides were hoisted up above the jungly plain in a distracted way, like a gigantic ammunition-wagon stuck in the mud and abandoned by some retreating army.

He again broached the suggestion about a gypsy wagon for himself and his fatherand Frank, the dogin which they could go far away, seeing all those strange cities and cooking their dinner over campfires.

A court was in session; and these were the wagons of lawyers and clients, alike humble in their style of equipage.

The imperial powder-wagons took fire, and, with a tremendous explosion, grenades and bombs filled the air.