80 words to describe  waits

80 words to describe waits

And Premier League stars arriving back in the UK from their holidays may face a lengthy wait to begin pre-season training due to strict government measures, according to reports.

I rang the bell, and after a short wait the door was opened by a little maid about the size and age of Gertie 'Uggins, dressed in a cap and a print frock.

Barrow, who are four points clear at the top of the National League and targeting an historic return to the Football League after a 48-year absence, are facing a particularly anxious wait.

The sibilant sound of whispering voices died down after a few minutes and then began the long tedious wait for the return of the jury.

Overall, the average wait is up to 13½ years.

[Illustration: soldier at rest] After what seems an interminable wait, we hear a clinking of mess tins and rattling of equipment, the sloshing of feet in the mud, and much whispered profanity, which all goes to announce to you that "they're here!"

But that only lasted a comparatively short time, for soon they were set down at a desolate, shelterless wayside junction, dumped in the midst of a hilly snow-covered waste, where they went through another weary wait for another dismal local train that was to carry them to Trehenna.

Needless to say I called upon them at the hour specified, and after a brief wait was conducted to the board room where the directors sat in solemn conclave.

"Let us hope that a happier future waits for you both.

FERRIS, HELEN. Adventure waits.

"I know you not, then hence depart, Your coming is too late, Those only with me enter in, Who for my coming wait.

He faced a nervous wait with barely enough time left for him to get around and make the final top-10 shootout.

All Warchester poured out to the Holly Hills, and when at five o'clock the companies filed out on the shining green there was such a cheer that the men felt repaid for the tiresome wait of months.

WHITE, E. B. A classic waits for me.

" There followed one of the tensest "stage waits" of Mike's experience.

Another person waiting, Natalie Morrissey, said of the emotional wait while the fires threatened, "It's something that I want to forget."

And the evil subtle spirit waits (I am persuaded) to drive the sinner to despair; but godliness makes a cheerful heart.

There was no exciting wait for the school bus or morning greeting from the bus driver, Mrs. Rodriguez.

The funeral of Raman Bandarenka took place on November 20, 2020, after the body was released to the family after an extended wait.

In the utter stillness of the room, of the sleeping house, of the dark, embracing night, he lay in famished wait for every word.

In other houses a young fellow waits at table in a Russian smock, or there's a peasant girl; but in my house there's a butler in cotton gloves.

Santa obediently waited upon him as in the firmament the star Rohind waits upon the Moon, or as the fortunate Arundhati waits upon Vasishtha, or as Lopamudra waits upon Agastya.

The others, after a fruitless wait, imitated him, convinced that he was right.

"The galley waits to receive the noble ladies to whom I am commissioned by those who have sent me to offer my respectful homage," said the secretary, bowing low before the felze.

"I thank you, Sir Geoffrey; my grateful duty waits on Lady Peveril," was generally Bridgenorth's only answer.

Gubash waits, hiding in the foliage as though it is he they are trying to call out.

Hamlet waits for light, even with his heart accusing him; Laertes rushes into the dark, dagger in hand, like a mad Malay: so he kill, he cares not whom.

The fourth season of the series, after a rather hefty wait, is just around the corner premiering on January 10th.

NHS Confederation chief executive Niall Dickson wrote to Boris Johnson to prepare the public for the huge waits they will have to face for months after the crisis is over.

They were there long before any of the older Volunteers, and had a long, impatient wait.

Believing he must possess his soul in patience for an indeterminable wait, he was casting about for a place to secrete himself, when a change in the tenor of the talk between mistress and maid was conveyed by a sudden lift of half an octave in the latter's voice, sounding a sharp note of protest, to be answered by Liane in accent of overbearing anger.

It was one of those times when the excited soul transfigures the world, and we marvel how we could ever succumb to a transient sorrow while the whole universe blooms, and an infinite future waits to open for us its doors of wonder and joy.

But when everybody can see that you acted out of pure benevolence, the ingrate waits until you make some public mistake, which gives him the opportunity of maligning his benefactor and winning credence, in order to free himself from the obligation under which he lies.

Premising this, we read:'Within the twilight chamber spreads apace the shadow of white Death, and at the door invisible Corruption waits to trace his [Adonais's] extreme way to her [Corruption's] dim dwelling-place; the eternal Hunger [Corruption] sits [at the door], but pity and awe soothe her pale rage, nor dares she,' &c.

Things that take a sporting chancego madthat sanity mayn't lock them infrom life untouchedfrom lifethat waits, (she turns toward the inner room)

Where he gives on, disposing of their fates, Terror and death on his loud cannon waits, With which he pleads his brother's cause so well, He shakes the throne to which he does appeal.

"Mademoiselle, the major waits;" and Karl came up, hat in hand, just in time to hear her and glance after Casimer, with an odd expression.

Miss SYLVESTER waits for her GEOFFREY and her tea.

Meanwhile a guard on modest Corah wait, If not for safety, needful yet for state.

After a near two-year wait, the Court of Appeal this morning handed down a judgement agreeing with the murder conviction and life sentence of the of the popular entertainer.

" Oline waits for a moment, using her old head, full of policy.

band, orchestral waits.

All State Governments retirees in the country suffer either outright non-payment or long waits to access their pension benefits under the Contributory Pension Scheme, CPS.

Up there on purple cushion, in the light Of flickering lamps, pale Cæsar waits for morn; His sallow face, by hideous ulcers torn, Looks ghastlier than was e'er its wont tonight; Hollow the eyes; the fire of fell disease And burning fever runs through every limb; None but the aged leech abides with him, And Macro, trusted bearer of the keys.

On the other end her anxious partner, whose small business is being hit hard by the pandemic, waits.

All State Governments retirees in the country suffer either outright non-payment or long waits to access their pension benefits under the Contributory Pension Scheme, CPS.

Mr. Speaker, 10 years ago the pediatric MRI wait, without anesthesia, was two weeks.

After a portentous wait, on swept a lady with an extraordinary flashing eye, a masculine and muscular outside.

We know that he wants to shorten the wait from 125 to 90 days, or the potential wait.

The principal waits on the Department of Health to let him know when contact tracing is complete, and the overburdened Department of Health does I assume its best, probably with some waiting of its own for coronavirus test results.