10 adjectives to describe wallet

"No," replied John; "it is true I carry all my wealth in my little wallet, and have only a few pence in my pocket; but I have faith in God I shall yet succeed.

" The "silly-hoot" was examined with interest, and carefully stowed away again in the old brown wallet, which was settled in its place with a satisfied slap; then Flint said briskly, "Naouw, Phil, yeou close this interestin' and instructive meeting; and be spry, fer time's most up.

I began by picking up all the largest diamonds I could find and storing them carefully in the leathern wallet which had held my provisions; this I tied securely to my belt.

"Any more?" Uncle John hesitated a moment, and then drew from an inner pocket of his coat a thin wallet.

" From out his doublet he took a tiny leather wallet containing a few gold coins, his worldly all bequeathed to him the same as to his brotherso the old friend who had brought the lads up had oft explainedby his grandmother.

About his waist was a girdle where hung a goodly wallet, plump like himself and eke as well filled.

He pulled a twenty dollar bill from a scarred black wallet.

The members of his family, down to an unclothed, precocious imp of ten, accompany him, carrying similar baskets, or capacious wallets, or long, cylindrical drums, on which they play with their fingers.

'Aim to be fair' 's my motto, even if I don't chance to hit it," and he pulled out a bulky wallet and held it toward her with one hand, that she might help herself to one of the cards with which it was filled.

At the last moment, their host, with an eye upon the weather (and another upon Markham's hidden wallet), had sought to keep them until the skies were more propitious.

10 adjectives to describe  wallet