52 adjectives to describe wears

"I retain," she says, "only a brooch or two for daily wear, which are memorials of my dear parents; also a locket with the only portrait I have of my niece in heaven, my Evelyn; and her 'two rings' mentioned in Under the Surface.

Sylvia stood alone, in her soiled wrinkled suit, shapeless from constant wear, her empty hands clutching at the railing, and was the first passenger to dart down the second-class gang-plank.

Even Mac was found agreeing with the others of his Trio that, since they had a grand, tough time in front of them, it was advisable to get through the black months ahead with as little wear and tear as possible.

On a critical examination of the micrometer-screws of the Transit Circle it was found that the corrections, which range from -1°38" to +0°76", indicate considerable wear in the screws; and it was found that as much as one-hundreth part of an inch had been worn away from some of the threads.

'I do not mean,' she said, 'that I want any fine clothes for company; but I ought to have something neat and proper for everyday wear, and I want you to help me to think of some way to buy it.'

The shoe, at the same time, is greatly thinned from excessive wear.

While arising in the majority of instances from faulty conformation of the limb, crooked feet may also be brought about by bad shoeing, or by unequal paring of the foot, and, in a few cases, from unequal wear of the foot in a state of nature.

Nay, when we consider the conditions of birth and growth to which it is subject, the wear and tear essential to life, the new generations intended to succeed and supplant the old,so soon as the question is proposed as one of physiology, the reply is inevitable that death is no accident introduced by the perverse will of our first parents, nor any way connected with man's sinfulness; but is purely a result of the conditions of animal life.

It is all well enough"due to decency," in factto wear "mourning," and now and then look grave; but "this idea of closing your house," observed our philosopher, "and silencing your piano, and abstaining from your customary amusements and habits for months [only think of it!], because some one has departed from misery to happiness, is not alone supremely ridiculous

"I never saw a female wear a shawl more carelessly than you," he said.

David bashfully stayed behind, lingering on the threshold, and keeping man's respectful distance from the mysteries of feminine wear.

The laurel still may shed Brightness round the victor's head, And the rose in beauty's hair Still its festal glory wear; And the willow-leaves droop o'er Brows which love sustains no more But by living rays refined,

So soon, however, as the shoe is applied, and a more or less equal (and in this case harmful) wear by that means insisted on, so soon does this abnormal change in the height and direction of the horn fibres begin to make itself seen.

Thereat I smiled, thinking on lovely things That dateless and immortal beauty wear, Whereof the song immortal tireless sings, And Time but touches to make lovelier; On Beauty sempiternal as the Spring's

The notch of the eccentric rod for the reception of the pin of the valve shaft is usually steeled, to prevent inconvenient wear; for when the sides of the notch wear, the valve movement is not only disturbed, but it is very difficult to throw the eccentric rod out of gear.

Rough wool was her invariable wear, instead of taffetas and silky furs, which Quebec women delighted in.

A shallow water hinders my embrace; And yet the lovely mimic wears a face That kindly smiles, and when I bend to join My lips to his, he fondly bends to mine.

Changes in language, the effect of French and Italian style, the influence of music, had weakened the foundations of the German art of verse, which were already partly broken down by mechanical wear and tear.

Colonel Dewes for his part was not reluctant to continue it, in spite of the mental wear and tear which it involved.

Thus, as long as artificial tests of spirituality are allowed to exist, their erroneousness is not easily exposed by the mere wear and tear of life.

The fight of Inkerman, the mighty wear and tear in the trenches, the deadly repulses at the Redan, and above all, the hardships of that terrible winter, had swept away the noble armies which had landed in the Crimea, and scarcely one in ten of those who heard the first gun in the Alma was present at the fall of Sebastopol.

A shallow water hinders my embrace; And yet the lovely mimic wears a face That kindly smiles, and when I bend to join My lips to his, he fondly bends to mine.

Noiselessly she arose, and replaced her outer wear, thinking to slip away without disturbing Roxy.

" Craft nodded his head mildly in assent, and Sharpman continued: "Did you take particular notice of the child's clothing as you saw it after the accident; could you recognize, at this time, the principal articles of outside wear that he had on?"

She herself would fight to protect her daughter from the passive wear and tear of poverty; but she would have died to keep a son, if she had had one, from being driven into the active warfare of the support of a family.

52 adjectives to describe  wears