14 adjectives to describe wetting

It was now raining so hard that I determined not to hunt, and turned in among my blankets with my pipe, but after a time this failed to satisfy me, and by 11 o'clock Hunter and I decided that even a thorough wetting was preferable to doing nothing.

" "Indeed not!" exclaimed Grace, as she glanced down at her trim suit, which the little wetting received in the dash to the house had not spoiled.

" He now struck north to avoid the Chiboque, and made for the Portuguese settlement of Cassange through dense forest and constant wet.

Wherever the sickest or most helpless man chanced to be, there I held my watch, often visiting the other rooms to see that the general watchman of the ward did his duty by the fires and the wounds, the latter needing constant wetting.

While they were busy in the storeroom I hacked away at the scuttle-board, which was thick and of hard wood, well seasoned by continual wetting and drying in the tropic sun.

The house greets you, looking also muddy and cold,for the best of front halls gives up in despair and cannot look any thing but forlorn in a long, drizzling rain; all the windows are bleared with trickling, foggy wet on the outside, which there is no wiping off nor seeing through, and if one could see through there is no gain.

The frequent wettings, the shivering nights, the great changes of temperature, the stale and wretched food, the constant anxiety, were sapping their health and strength.

A little wet won't hurt me.

Now I feel quite relieved," and I arranged a little crisp curl that will break loose in spite of persistent wetting, for men always seem to discourage curly hair, father keeping his shorn like a prize-fighter.

Evidently a resolute and permanent wetting impended.

Once or twice a boat would capsize, giving the occupants a severe wetting, but as river costumes are always washable and the river is not deep, no harm ever seemed to come of these aquatic diversions.

Silence, culprit!" Here Saccharissa moaned, and wafted a slight flavor of musk to me from her cambric wet with tears.

The horse was scared at the footing,he plunged and broke the traces; however, after a tolerable wetting, we succeeded in getting safe out.

We made the land about three o'clock, after much exertion and very considerable wetting.

14 adjectives to describe  wetting