202 adjectives to describe whispers

the girl said in a hoarse whisper.

The Boy, greatly concerned lest, after all, the visit should end badly, dropped on his knees to add the force of his own example, and through the opening phrases of Mac's prayer the agnostic was heard saying, in a loud stage-whisper, "Do like medown!

Then, even as I stared, full of perplexity, I seemed to hear, far down, as though from untold depths, a faint whisper of sound.

" When Potts, before he meant to, had yielded place to O'Flynn, the Colonel was sworn to secrecy, and listened to excited whispers of gold in the sand off yonder on the coast of the Behring Sea.

did anybody think to bring matches?" asked Laura in an awed whisper.

See here..." The mutter sank into a husky whisper, and in order to be heard the speaker bent so low over Lanyard that fumes of whiskey almost suffocated the poor man in his bed.

Not a little whisper all along the snow, not though the King knocked down the first man that set hand on himnot though old Peachey fired his last cartridge into the brown of 'em.

" Marston spoke in a fierce and grating whisper, and his countenance, more even than his accents, betrayed the intensity of his bridled fury.

When, at length, its impetuous alpine life is done, it slips through a meadow with scarce an audible whisper, and falls asleep in Moraine Lake.

he called, and unconsciously his voice dropped to a sharp whisper in the presence of death.

"He escaped," he said, in a thrilling whisper.

In the kitchen, we came upon the cook and housemaid sitting close together and talking in frightened whispers.

He stepped from the door; he approached Gloster and said in a confidential whisper that reached easily to the other three: "They ain't any call for a quick play, mister.

'Think well what you are doing, Louis,' said he, in a sibilant whisper which was as menacing as a serpent's hiss.

Fact is, Max," he went on, allowing his voice to sink into a mysterious stage whisper, "somebody was lookin' around in my cabin while I was down at your camp last evenin'.

But the Colonel went on in a harsh whisper: "I looked round for my gun; if I'd found it I'd have left you behind.

The keepers?" questioned the old man anxiously, in a hoarse, hurried whisper.

I was conscious of a certain ironic impulse to smile, as I noted the eager whisper and the bustle of preparation with which they settled upon their next witness and prepared to open their batteries upon him.

"He's mad," said his wife, in a tense whisper; "stark staring mad.

"Inspector Shields is here, sir," he announced in an agitated whisper.

His plumage becomes dull, and his brisk note changes to a fine, delicate pee-peh-wy, or oftenest a mere whisper.

I had rather have heard drunken cries or a burst of wild hilarity than these stern and purposeful whispers.

" The newsboys in the streets no longer cry The Sun, with stentorian voices, but in gentle whispers, fearing to disturb the repose of that waning luminary.

And always I knew it:some faintest secret whisper which whispered me: "You are the Arch-one, the motif of the world, Adam, and the rest of men not much."

Now as I sat listening, George gripped me suddenly by the arm, declaring in a shrill whisper that something had come among the clump of trees upon the left-hand bank.

202 adjectives to describe  whispers
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