44 adjectives to describe whit

"And I dare boldly affirm" (saith he) "that those glittering attires, counterfeit colours, headgears, curled hairs, plaited coats, cloaks, gowns, costly stomachers, guarded and loose garments, and all those other accoutrements, wherewith our countrywomen counterfeit a beauty, and so curiously set out themselves, cause more inconvenience in this kind, than that barbarian homeliness, although they be no whit inferior unto them in beauty.

But even this spectacle is far less sublime and not a whit more substantial than what we may behold of these storm-streams of air in the mountain woods.

A decayed family was only a little worse than an obscure one,a poor knight not a whit more respectable than a rich merchant.

Through the darkness he loomed enormous, as tall as big Neddy himself and no whit less broad.

Jane divided her admiration between a rope of fat pearls and a necklace of uncut emeralds, either of which might have been hers at the trifling price of some 7000 rupees, but we finally restricted our acquisitions to very modest proportions, and the stout jeweller departed, apparently no whit less cheerful than when he came.

And the young mountaineer was not a whit more comfortable, as he stood leaning against a corner of the wall, his arms crossed over his breast, and the following thoughts running through his head: "If old Foerster, who does not know of our betrothal, finds me here, he will kill me without listening to one word of explanation.

Depend upon it kindly natureprudens, as that jolly fellow, fine gentleman, and true philosopher, Horace, says in a similar connectionkindly nature knows how to make the closing decade of life every whit as delightful as any of the preceding, if only you don't baulk her purposes.

Oaths are shorn of their might by overuse; confound, once a tremendous malinvocation, may now fall from the lips of respectable young ladies, and fie, in its time not a whit less dire, would be scarcely out of place in even a cloister.

In a word, it is every whit dreadful, being utterly without order.

Ambition and cupidity, which, in their way, are no whit less earnest and self-sacrificing than sanctity, equally look upon sleep as a wasteful concession to bodily wants, and equally incline to limit such concession to its mere minimum.

Woe to us if we have not found it out: woe to us if we dare to think that we are in ourselvesor out of ourselves eitherone whit better than our own children.

Gathered around the lagoon were the companions of Ker Karraje, every whit as ferocious as the sharks themselves, and well deserving the same name, for what else are they?

This, Plutarch believes, would be every whit as foolish as to cut down the vineyards because some people are addicted to drunkenness.

The effect of M. Donnay's third act is not a whit more forcible because it comes upon us unprepared.

Nor is the renown which crowns the standards of our army one whit less glorious.

His verses, I protest, are no whit less graceful or sparkling than those of his more eminent companions, Leigh Hunt and Barry Cornwall.

And Lady Castlewood was no whit less gracious and attractive to Harry than in the old days when as a lad he had first kissed her fair, protecting hand.

In truth, the old mythic cosmogonies of the ancient East, South, and North are not a whit too grotesque in their descriptions of the embryo earth, when it lay weltering in a sort of uterine film, assuming form and regular lineaments.

"I do not know that quiet, retenue, and a good tone, are a whit more heartless than flirting, giggling and childishness.

Robin and Maid Marian are, of course, characters no whit less idealized than the shepherds, though the process was largely effected by popular tradition instead of by the author.

Sir Francis's deportment was not a whit less impertinent or objectionable now than heretofore.

But the admission of the phenomena and of these natural processes and forces does not necessitate any such belief, nor even render it one whit less improbable than before.

Meteran and some others object to us, that we are no whit so industrious as the Hollanders: "Manual trades" (saith he) "which are more curious or troublesome, are wholly exercised by strangers: they dwell in a sea full of fish, but they are so idle, they will not catch so much as shall serve their own turns, but buy it of their neighbours."

At our starting Don Sanchez bade Moll ride by his side, and so we, not being bid, fell behind; and, feeling awkward in our new clothes, we might very well have been taken for their servants, or a pair of ill-bred friends at the best, for our Moll carried herself not a whit less magnificent than the Don, to the admiration of all who looked at her.

In particular, I make occasion to say, that those oddities, whose chief characteristic it is to slink away from the habitations of men, and claim companionship with musk-rats, are, despite Mr. Thoreau's pleasant patronage of them, no whit more manly or profound than the average citizen, who loves streets and parlors, and does not endure estrangement from the Post-Office.

44 adjectives to describe  whit