13 adjectives to describe win

Worth wins at last.

And o'er the marshland desolate Win slowly to the battered gate That Flemings call the Gate of Lille.

"They seem to think it has rather a desperate 'win at any hazard' sound that needs toning down a bit.

Should a new favorite win my place, my ruler shall be still supreme: It were a sin should I my life more precious than my friend esteem.

he cried, springing from his seat, "and what profit did the immortal and ill-starred Torquato Tasso win from all his genius?

Crewe proved this was not merely a lucky win by defeating the young South American champion, Caranda, shortly afterwards, when the latter visited England and played a series of exhibition games in London on his way to Moscow, where he was engaged in the championship tourney.

'In a few days,' said he, 'with the few friends I have, I will raise the royal standard, and proclaim to the people of Britain that Charles Stuart is come over to claim the crown of his ancestorsto win it, or to perish in the attempt!

A runaway win by nearly three yards.

SARAH wins and thrills the audience: her voice soothes them in their most ruffled humour, even after the audience has been kept waiting nearly twenty-five minutes between the Acts.

"Politics is a game of wits," he said; "the smartest one wins, and gets in and divides the slush money.

Except for that it would have been twenty straight wins, not nineteen.

Ah! Shelburne, blest with all that's good or great, T' adorn a rich or save a sinking state, If public Ills engross not all thy care, Let private Woe assail a patriot's ear, Pity confined, but not less warm, impart, And unresisted win thy noble heart" with much more in the same vein of innocent flattery.

If he had lost, he would have had to bet $320 on the next spin to have a net win of one chip.

13 adjectives to describe  win