1468 adjectives to describe workes

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(In Caesar's military performances the Gallic war plays the most important part, as shown in his Commentaries, his sole extant literary work and almost the only authority for this part of Roman history.

Prefets and sous-prefets changed, wonderful prospects of little work and high pay held out to doubtful electors, and the same bright illusive promises made to the masses, which all parties make in all elections and which the people believe each time.

" CHARLES W. MURPHY, President Chicago National League club:"The book is a very valuable work and will become a part of every base ball library in the country.

* [Of this dramatic work I have little to say in addition to the short printed note which will be found attached to it.

I've done your dirty work for you and borne the credit of it, too; but I swear I'll not do it any longer.

It was meant to be the prologue to a poetical work which was to be called The Christian Temple.

"And you're doing missionary work right down there at the mission.

He had plenty of money, hosts of friends, wife, children, any amount of useful work to do at home,everything, in fact, that can make life worth living.

i, 17] Claudius was delighted to find literary men up there, and began to hope there might be some corner for his own historical works.

I have read the accounts of him in the "Memoirs of Eminent Monks," compiled in A.D. 519, and a later work, the "Memoirs of Marvellous Monks," by the third emperor of the Ming dynasty (A.D. 1403-1424), which, however, is nearly all borrowed from the other; and all in them that has an appearance of verisimilitude can be brought within brief compass.

His principal work is a "History of the Papacy During the Period of the Reformation."

I cannot do scientific research-work, or write the books and papers that I ought.

Could not friends work more together, so that one's daily work should be, not a time of separation from all we love most, but a time of intellectual sympathy and helpfulness, of companionship and true-hearted loyalty?

The rough work of the town is done by men who speak little or no English.

A street sweeper, patched to his office, tunes his slow work to fit the quiet surroundings.

"You are doing very good editorial work," she said mendaciously, "but, after all, you are only playing at journalism.

In the opinion of the writer this new method, which has been put into usage by Secretary Heydler, is far superior to anything which has been offered in years as a valuable record of the actual work of pitchers.

"He in safety industriously plies His sweet honest work all the day, Then home with his earnings he flies; Nor in thieving his time wastes away." "O hush, nor with fables deceive," I replied; "which, though pretty, can ne'er Make me cease for that insect to grieve, Who in agony still does appear.

The will to do was in the learner; she soon mastered even complex processes, and at the end of a few weeks was doing even better than men in the light work, and achieving commendable output in the heavy.

Man can do more work, harder work, and always better work, because of the faith that is in him.

In Maurice Sand's standard work on Italian comedy, Masques et Bouffons (Paris, 1860) there will be found copious citations from this pantomime, the popularity of which he attributes wholly to Gherardi.

Those Americans who, for the reasons stated, are not in sympathy with the structural form and political objectives of the League, are not lacking in sympathy for its admirable administrative work in co-ordinating the activities of civilized nations for the common good.

Hubert enumerated all the institutions already engaged in educational work and suggested that 'rest and be thankful' was the only proper attitude for the committee to assume.

1468 adjectives to describe  workes
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