69 adjectives to describe wrist

Goldberger dropped to his knees beside the body, looked into the eyes and touched his fingers to the left wrist.

Mercy Philbrick was a woman of slight frame, gentle, laughing, brown eyes, a pale skin, pale ash-brown hair, a small nose; a sweet and changeful mouth, the upper lip too short, the lower lip much too full; little hands, little feet, little wrists.

" Abe stared at his wife, at her shining silk dress with its darns and careful patches, at her rough, worn hands, and at the much mended lace over her slender wrists.

" In the same way the mothers in Esthonia put some red thread in their babies' cradles as a preservative against danger, and in China something red is tied round children's wrists as a safeguard against evil spirits.

How bear it, when she, with a half-sad, half-amused smile, showed her thin wrists?

Ah, monsieur, you have the supple wrists of a juggler!

The result was, that Vincent's squadron was handsomely entrapped, and in the savage contest that ensued the intrepid major was hustled from his horse with a dislocated shoulder and broken wrist.

When autumn's bending boughs and harvests burdened the ground An early laborer, chancing to pass that way alone, Saw a small glove gleaming whitely upon the mound, And into the delicate wrist was woven "Ione,"

No clothing concealed the tense and shiny brown skin, but there were silver bracelets on the fat wrists and massive anklets where deep creases divided the fat little feet from the fat little legs, and a representation, in chased silver, of Eve's fig leaf hung from a silver chain which encircled the sphere that should have been his waist.

Little things began to tease me, notably the ache of my swollen wrists, and the intolerable cramp in my legs.

"I will pretend to-morrow to lose this watch-bracelet in the wood," and she held up her slim wrist to show me the little enameled watch set in her bracelet.

Dodging under the clenched fist, he turned dexterously, seized young Langdon's outstretched wrist and bent the arm down over his (Haines') shoulder as though to throw the young attacker with the wrestler's "flying mare."

" Which the deputy promptly proceeded to do by snapping a pair of handcuffs round the thick McFluke wrists.

She caught sight of the pair directly in front of her, and raised her lorgnette with a languid wrist.

When does your class begin?" Miss Hall glanced at a toy watch on the tiny wrist.

Jot was examining the torn wrist tenderly.

Even as my fingers gripped the uplifted wrist, 'ere he could strike the second time, I knew my antagonist.

She drew in her train with a pretty curve of her gloved wrist.

" He was beside her at two bounds, feeling of the limp wrists, laying his ear to the grenadine bosom, lifting the reluctant lids, touching the flesh that yielded so to touch.

On looking in he perceived a young female tied up to a beam by her wrists, entirely naked, and in the act of involuntary writhing and swinging; while the author of her torture was standing below her with a lighted torch in his hand, which he applied to all the parts of her body as it approached him.

Sylvia was, as a matter of fact, trying imaginary bracelets on her slim, smooth, white wrists.

Hence, needless pain will be avoided by working a stiff wrist with the parts loose, or the fingers extended, and not with a clenched fist.

This was all it was: "Come down to tea half-an-hour earlier; shall sham a hurt wrist to be back from shooting in time.

And on his knees beside the bed, the inert wrists gripped close in his sinewy fingers, was Nap.

The prisoner's face was livid; his hands were red with blood that dripped from his lacerated wrists; his eyes glared malignantly and his heaving chest showed that he had not been brought from the log prison without a struggle.

69 adjectives to describe  wrist
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