818 adjectives to describe year

But he disliked commerce, and finally persuaded his father to allow him to study law for two years at the University of Naples, during which period the lively and attractive youth made brisk use of his leisure time in that gay and romantic city, where he made his way into the highest circles of society, and unconsciously gleaned the material for the rich harvest of song and story that came with his later years.

Membership dues of $24,500,000 brought the total up to $315,500,000 for the fiscal year.

So he very sensibly turned his back on Lake Champlain until the following year.

When he died at home in England he was in the sixty-seventh year of his connection with the Army and in the eighty-fifth of his age.

In June, 1786, when he was entering his eighty-fourth year, he writes: "I am a wonder to myself.

The dawn came for him in October, 1885, when in his eighty-fifth year this veteran leader was called to his rest.

He was quite poor; he lost both father and mother from consumption when he reached his eighth year; he was frail and delicate; his brothers and sisters all died young; so that he seemed ill fitted to make any headway in the race of life.

Thus, the indictio sexta meant the sixth year of a cycle and not the sixth cycle or period of fifteen years.

Confucius was driven from his home, and wandered about, with a few disciples, until his sixty-ninth year, when he returned to Lu, after accomplishing a work which has borne fruit, such as it is, to the present day.

Surprised at seeing children of their tender years, thus prematurely put to severe labour, I was about to rail at the absurd custom of this strange country, when my friend checked me for my hasty judgment, and told me that these boys were on their way to school, after their usual monthly holiday.

Having understood that there was an academy in the neighbourhood, in which youths of maturer years were instructed in the fine arts, we were induced to visit it; but there being a vacation at that time, we could see neither the professors nor students, and consequently could gain little information of the course of discipline and instruction pursued there.

In his twentieth year he had experienced that deep conviction known as conversion.

Against his little years are meted out vast prehistoric spans; against his mastery of a few forms of life, stands Life itself.

Like me in face and lovely grace, like me in voice and song, He'll bid the laws at length speak out that have been dumb so long, Will give unto the weary world years prosperous and bright.

I have now indicated some of the chief lines of Biological inquiry, in which the Challenger has special opportunities for doing good service, and in following which she will be carrying out the work already commenced by the Lightning and Porcupine in their cruises of 1868 and subsequent years.

So I entered my eighteenth year, and the time of my graduation was at hand.

Young as I wasbeing then only in my tenth year, my ideas and knowledge of the world, however, being far in advance of my ageI determined to run away from home.

This natural, and we may say inborn, taste grows with the child's growth, and ere the fair girl has reached her seventeenth year, her ideal of perfect bliss is to find herself in a room with mirrors on every side.

The 'School Exercise written at Hawkshead' in the poet's fourteenth year, will be found in vol.

From his thirteenth year he had been the companion and shared the counsels, first of his grandfather and father, and subsequently of his father alone.

"When I had reached my sixteenth year, I was removed to the college in Benares.

"I was in my twelfth year when I entered this school, which contained from thirty to forty boys about my age.

A young Romagnese, the daughter of a nobleman of Ravenna, of good descent but limited means, she had been educated in a convent, and married in her nineteenth year to a rich widower of sixty, in early life a friend of Alfieri, and noted as the patron of the National Theatre.

A French newspaper, however,the "Nouveau Bulletin des Sciences,"gave a trustworthy but extraordinary account of a cow which produced nine calves in all, at three successive births, in three successive years.

The sanctity of Studius's convent, and the strength of its monastic garrison, rendered it a safe refuge for disgraced courtiers, and in this thirtieth year of the Emperor Basil the Second (reckoning from his nominal accession) it harboured a legion of ex-prime ministers, patriarchs, archbishops, chief secretaries, hypati, anthypati, silentiarii, protospatharii, and even spatharo-candidati.

818 adjectives to describe  year