35 adverbs to describe how to ached

Dotty's little heart, the swelling of which had net gone down at all during the night, now ached terribly.

To this Job replied in a weak voice that he was dizzy and his head and neck ached badly, on hearing which, the bo'sun bade him keep lying until he had come more to himself.

Her head was aching violently.

But though he rode with her, yet, for a while, he said very little to her, for his wounds ached him sorely and he was in a great deal of pain.

Having succeeded at last in forcing an entrance, and bowing over the hand of his noble hostess, which must have sadly ached, and returned her mechanical words of welcome with a smile as galvanic as her own, Howard sidled his way along the walla waltz was in progressand collided against the "beautiful and bounteous" Bertie, who was mopping his brow and looking round despairingly for his partner.

And while I lay thus, with heart aching dully, the door of my room opened softly, and with joy inexpressible I saw that it was my beloved friend who entered.

Poor Judy's head was aching severely, and when she was exposed to the scorching rays of the sun of the south, her temples throbbed wildly, and

The snake-queen did her best to comfort them, but the stumps of the little princes' tails ached so dreadfully that it was ever so long before the snake-queen could put them off to sleep.

When he came to his senses he found himself huddled in a corner against the traverse, his head smarting and a bruised elbow aching abominably.

Verily, with all these wedding-bells sounding, Betty began to feel that she was likely to be left alone, but who only laughed gayly when twitted with her fancy for maidenhood, and danced as merrily at Sally's wedding as if her heart had lain light in her bosom instead of aching bitterly for one whom she began to fear she should never see more.

Little boy, you shall heal the broken dreams, and I shall read in your eyesthe world-secret which aches so heavily in the breasts of women.

Always her feet were sore at night, aching intolerably.

When Mr. Tebrick came to himself it was past noon, and his head was aching so painfully that he could only call to mind in a confused way what had happened.

And now he positively ached for a game.

"How dare you treat a Southerner in this way?" continued the young man, his head aching inexpressibly.

It ached inside and was sore outside, and he did not seem to have any control of it at all.

My head ached intensely, the effect of the motion of the boat on the previous day, but I did not like to give up to it; so, after I had been shown all that could be seen of the little settlement in the short time allowed us, we repaired to Mr. Mitchell's.

"Verily, I ache all over," returned the new acquaintance under the hencoop.

His head ached keenly, and he could not collect his senses.

It should be the gratefully sought shelter from the homeless night, the sympathetic friend of hungry stomachs and dusty feet, the cozy jingle of social pipes and dreamy after-dinner talk, the abode of snowy beds for luxuriously aching limbs, lavendered sheets and pleasant dreams.

His country had been only a name; he had merely ached to fight.

Little things began to tease me, notably the ache of my swollen wrists, and the intolerable cramp in my legs.

"Mr. Renfrew," he stammered, "Mr. RenfrewII" His throat abruptly ached and choked.

At thought of him My heart aches wearily.

So Sadie watched the needle assiduously, and ignored the fact that her head ached pretty regularly, and she was generally too weary when lunch time came to enjoy the black bread and pickles which, with a cup of strong tea, made her noon meal.

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