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Among many authentic and recorded particulars concerning him, the following account of his death may gratify curiosity: From the nature of Black Beard's position in a sloop of little draught of water, on a coast abounding with creeks, and remarkable for the number and intricacy of its shoals, with which he had made himself intimately acquainted, it was deemed impossible to approach him in vessels of any force.

Not only the Quarterly Review, of which he knew, but also Blackwood's Magazine, which did not come under his notice, abused Keats because he was personally acquainted with Hunt, and was, in one degree or another, a member of the literary coterie in which Hunt held a foremost place.

Those who are but imperfectly acquainted with the various causes from which the same disorder originates in different individuals, can never entertain such a vulgar and dangerous notion.

SEN. Nay, I know not, for I am little acquainted with such toys. PHA.

I could not forbear attending this grave Procession for the length of half a Street, with no small amazement to find the whole Place so familiarly acquainted with a melancholy Mid-night Voice at Noon-day, giving them the Hour, and exhorting them of the Departure of Time, with a Bounce at their Doors.

Henrich's desire to see the Sachem become a Christian was increased in the same measure that his hope of its accomplishment became less; for the more intimately he became acquainted with him, the more he found in his natural character that was interesting, and even estimable.

To many, a measure of this kind may, in some respects, appear harsh and arbitrary; but persons, practically acquainted with the subject and country, will deem it indispensable, and the only means that can be resorted to, in order to stop the rapid decline remarkable in this interesting department of public administration.

We especially relied upon your customs department to search most thoroughly the belongings of every person with whom they were not personally acquainted.

He was consequently acquainted with her actual position in the family of the Hutted Knoll; and, what was of far more consequence in present emergencies, he had fathomed the depths of her heart, in a way our heroine could hardly be said to have done herself.

There are strong arguments which go to show, that He did not allow it; and with these arguments the public will soon be made more extensively acquainted.

"Such are the designs of the present Athenian expedition to Sicily, and you have heard them from the lips of the man who, of all men living, is most accurately acquainted with them.

The cast is increased, the milieu lightly drawn in Pan is now shown more comprehensively and in detail, making us gradually acquainted with a whole little community, a village world, knowing little of any world beyond, and forming a microcosm in itself.

But I need not tell honourable gentlemen present, who are so practically acquainted with this district, that that loss of seven millions in wages per annum is a very imperfect measure of the amount of suffering and loss which will be inflicted on this community three or four months hence.

George Dyer is the only literary character I am happily acquainted with.

Mr. M. stated that he was extensively acquainted with the cultivation of the island, and he knew that it was in a better condition than it had been for many years.

9.The effect of Quantity in the prolation of the vowels, is a matter with which every reader ought to be experimentally acquainted.

She briefly acquainted him with the surgeon's report, and the reasonable ground there was to expect Denbigh would survive the injury.

With many people who were not acquainted with her socially but knew all about her, she had the reputation of being wicked.

Hereafter, I shall try to acquaint myself more deeply and widely with the relations of life amongst the working people there.

He is even shallow and flippant upon Socrates; but he was well read in human nature, and superficially acquainted with all the learning of antiquity.

They very explicitly and frankly acquainted the applicants with the inconveniences to which they would be subjected, and the hardships which they must expect to endure.

Bacon was undoubtedly acquainted with both these writers and took ideas from both.

It ought to be stated here, that two of the most effective advocates of the anti-slavery cause are femalesthe Misses Grimkénatives of South Carolinabrought up in the midst of the usages of slaverymost intelligently acquainted with the merits of the system, and qualified, in an eminent degree, to communicate their views to others in public addresses.

A. I have no knowledge on that subject; I am merely acquainted with those who have learned the common rudiments of education.

But it is doubtful whether before the Conquest our ancestors were commonly acquainted with butter.

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