3 adverbs to describe how to addle

I had brought a couple of bottles of champagne with me and, what with the unaccustomed drink and the ogling and love-making to which I treated her, a hundred kilos of foolish womanhood was soon hopelessly addled and incapable.

In Germany, human good will and every fine mind are subordinated to political forms that have for a mouthpiece a Chancellor with his brains manifestly addled by the theories of Welt-Politik and the Bismarckian tradition, and for a figurehead a mad Kaiser.

There stood the Kaatskill Mountainsthere ran the silver Hudson at a distancethere was every hill and dale precisely as it had always beenRip was sorely perplexed"That flagon last night," thought he, "has addled my poor head sadly!

3 adverbs to describe how to  addle  - Adverbs for  addle