34 adverbs to describe how to aged

Prematurely aged though she was, Seraphine, amid her growing insanity, continued to lead a wild, rackety life, and the strangest stories were related of her.

But in the prematurely aging, decay invading a half accomplished maturity, marvels have been achieved at times with feeding of the gland.

Athos seemed scarcely aged at all, in spite of his eight-and-forty years; but there was a greater dignity about his face.

A League member found her way one bitter afternoon in December to one home where lay an Italian woman in bed with a new-born baby and three other children, aged three, four and five years respectively, surrounding her.

This produced what now appears a strange confusion of the genders: as, "Learning hath his infancy, when it is but beginning, and almost childish; then his youth, when it is luxuriant and juvenile; then his strength of years, when it is solid and reduced; and lastly his old age, when it waxeth dry and exhaust.

But from the age of thirty-six onwards, our position is like that of the investor who begins to entrench upon his capital.

His colleague, Sir Frederick Whitaker, was ageing palpably.

It has small resemblance to George Eliot's Romola, whose scene is laid in Italy during the same period; but the two works may well be read in succession, as the efforts of two very different novelists of the same period to restore the life of an age long past.

His wrinkled, sunken face had aged perceptibly.

" It was; for the Infant Phenomenon certainly looked older, and had moreover, been precisely the same age for certainly five years.

His wife was a slender lady, scarcely half his age, with a sweet and interesting face, and was attired plainly but tastefully.

It has aged him terribly.

Truly he had aged woefully in the past years.

" He had aged wonderfully in that moment of darkness.

Yet even greater is that which they present to the drawn and haggard features of the catastrophically aged man whose public career is now over.

In an evil hour he took to wife Rebecca, relict of Abraham Elson, and also relict of Jarvis Mudge, and of whom so good a man as the Rev. John Whiting, minister of the First Church in Hartfordafterward first pastor of the Second Churchsaid that she was "a lewd, ignorant and considerably aged woman.

Reminiscences make one feel so deliciously aged and sad.

There I found a very old couple, brother and sister, the eldest aged ninety-two, the other two years younger.

Sorceresses do not entice by wrinkles, but, being essentially aged, appear in assumed beauty.

And so shall you picture us wandering and having constant speech, so that, hour by hour, we grew gladly aged in dear knowledge and sweet friendship of the other.

With them were the men of the family, in black gabardines and skull-caps, sallow striplings, incalculably aged ancestors, round-bellied husbands and fathers bumping along like black balloons, all hastening to the low doorways dressed with lamps and paper garlands behind which the feast was spread.

The eligible couple who were destined under Mr. Bensington to be the first almoners on earth of the Food of the Gods, were not only very perceptibly aged, but also extremely dirty.

She bought a "ten o'clock edition" of the Telegram, some of "Match Mary's" wares, that perennially middle-aged woman who haunts the theatre region, and suggested that we have ice-cream soda at a particularly glittering drug store, but this desire was switched into hot bouillon by Evan, who retains the Englishman's dislike of chilling his internals.

I managed to find a seat in it compartment already occupied by two young St. Cyr students in full uniform and white gloves, a very portly aged couple and half a dozen men of the working classes.

Although he was only eighty-four years old, three years older than herself, she thought him ridiculously aged, past the allotted term of life.

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