90 words to describe how to  alluded  - Adverbs for  alluded

90 words to describe how to alluded

As the Mutiny is alluded to briefly in the story of Havelock, I will only state that Sir Colin's vigorous, cautious, skilful policy ere long brought this fearful rebellion to a close.

Shelly was almost painfully modest, seldom alluding to the many stirring events with which he had been an active participant, and it could well be said of him, as Cardinal Wolsey said of himself, that "had he served his God with half the zeal he has served his country, he would not in his old age have forsaken him."

Of course, the 'twenty-one degrees and thirteen minutes' could allude to nothing but elevation above the visible horizon, since the horizontal direction was clearly indicated by the words, 'northeast and by north.'

She merely alluded to their projected plan, adding, in a postscript, that she would write him as soon as the party approached the outposts.

Incidentally, too, in our chapter on the calendar we have alluded to many flowers associated with the saints, and spoken of the customs observed in their honour.

E. This paragraph obviously alludes to the Tartar kingdom of Siberia.

She alludes repeatedly in her correspondence to the delight which she found on the Sabbath in listening to that eminent preacher and divine, the Rev. Dr. Wm.

Robert evidently was alluding to some domestic difficulties, and the stranger very considerately avoided asking him any further questions about himself.

" "There was enough corn in the field beyant to keep a still at work for a winter," Barney lamented with a sigh, recalling fields of grain they had passed near Williamsburg, which he vaguely alluded to as "beyant."

She admitted it, but on her refusal to tell you who was the father of the child you lost your temper; and the following Sunday you alluded to her so plainly in your sermon about chastity that there was nothing for her but to leave the parish.

Probably it was reinforced by the analogous practice which obtained in journalism, in which real persons were constantly alluded to (and libelled) under fictitious designations, more or less transparent to the initiated.

Shelley certainly alludes to himself in this line.

They alluded specially to his conduct when invading the territory of his enemyhis restraint upon his men, telling them that the honor of the army depended upon the manner of conducting the war in the enemy's countryand his refusal to resort to retaliatory measures.

In a former article we referred to one of the Catholic churches in this townSt Wilfrid'swhich is looked after by Jesuit priestson this occasion we purposely alluding to anotherSt.

Many fashionable young ladies who were jealous of Anna and were weary of hearing her praised, were malignantly pleased to hear rumours to her disparagement and to feel justified in alluding scornfully to her.

I noticed in the preamble that the member opposite alluded to the relationship and the P3 with Northwestel and the Government of Yukon.

Longfellow, in his "Goblet of Life," apparently alludes to our fennel: "Above the lowly plant it towers, The fennel, with its yellow flowers; And in an earlier age than ours Was gifted with the wondrous powers Lost vision to restore.

Mrs. McNally invariably alluded to the odd little house where her many avocations were carried on as her "establishment," and spoke habitually of "the business."

His son, without inquiring as to the nature of the information, denied it at once upon principle; he also alluded darkly to his education, and shook his head over the effects of a change at such a critical period of his existence.

His account was also signed by 'William Hill, Sen. No. I. Lincoln's Inn,' the 'Gentleman of 'Lincoln's Inn,' presently alluded to.]

President Filmore, in his statesmanlike observations, when the subject was brought before him, could not help delicately alluding to Charleston, a city of America.

Alluding prophetically to the king's coming, previous to that event, Mochuda said, addressing the monks:"Beloved brothers, get ready and gather your belongings, for violence and eviction are close at hand: the chieftains of this land are about to expel and banish you from your own home."

He often talked of home and you, alluding feelingly to the sacrifices you had made on his behalfsacrifices that he confessed were far greater than his deserts.

The doubt was so ugly that it must be solved; and when she had got the poor thing safe into her bedroom she alluded to it as gently as she could.

But the search for Miss Celia Lennard to which Allerdyke alluded so gloomily was not destined to be either difficult or lengthy.

No further mention was made of Mr. Burnett, of money matters, or of the young lady up-stairs; and with considerable tact Mrs. Bentley introduced the subject of literature, alluding gracefully to Hubert's position as a dramatist.

In a letter to his uncle, the former gratefully alludes to this generosity: "Oh, if you knew the exultation of heart, aye, and of head to, I feel at being free from those depressing embarrassments, you would, as I do, bless my dearest friend and brother, Byron."

Grossly alluded: night by moon, by stars By wandering fires, exhaled meteors, By artificial lights, by eyes of beasts, And little glow-worms glimpsing in the dark, Hath somewhere brightness, lightness; and sometime Under each horizon in all parts clear: But they at no time nowhere can be said To be less dark than dungeon darkness is: Pitch-colour'd, ebon-fac'd, blacker than black, While her fair eyes give beauty to bright day.

The debasing character of the light and popular literature which is coming into vogue, is happily alluded to in a casual letter from Dr. A.W. Ives, of New York.

When he haughtily alluded to the word of honor which had been given him, the king, interrupting him, made a sign; and the two captains of the guard, Breze and Chavigny, entered and took the prince's sword.

Cras ingens iterabimus aequor; to-morrow will be time enough for that stormy sea; to-day let me engage the attention of your readers with the Runick inscription to whose fortunate discovery I have heretofore alluded.

Sir Walter Scott has humorously alluded to this circumstance in the notes to Waverley, but has not mentioned it as the subject of an old Scotch proverb.

It appeared by these letters also, that the child, which was hypocritically alluded to under the name of the 'pet,' had been actually transferred to the keeping of Jane Dowse, and that several years passed, after this arrangement, before the correspondence terminated.

"And the danger, to which you so often and so inexplicably alluded, had no reference to this we have incurred?"

"Mr. Howel alludes more particularly to the country, inland," said Eve; "to the towns, the civilization and the other proofs of cultivation and refinement.

Emmeline knew not herself the extent of influence that secret image had obtained; she guessed not the whole truth until that night when her marriage had been jestingly alluded to, and then it burst upon her, stunning her young mind with a sense of scarcely-defined yet most painful consciousness.

He jocularly alludes to himself as Micawber, waiting for something to turn up.

"After what you have done you should cease to stay and disturb us," he had once said, when his father had jokingly alluded to his own death.

The enemies of Jesus likewise alluded to the man who had been infirm for thirty-eight years, and who was cured by Jesus at the pool of Bethsaida; for I saw this man either washed or baptised there; I say either washed or baptised, because I do not exactly remember the circumstances.

Miss Wilkeson was accustomed to allude mysteriously to certain sentimental affairs of her youth.

Who is there that, in view of this threat, will not drop the tear of sensibility, so neatly alluded to by Mr. STERNE, in sympathy with the prospective sufferings of MATADOR.

The fact was that Oriana was beginning to find that the blue-eyed stranger possessed even more interest in her eyes than she had ever felt for her own dark brother, Tekon; and when Mailah had openly alluded to this sentimentwhich she thought unknown to all but herselfher natural and instinctive delicacy was wounded.

Excessive paring of the bars, to which we have already partly alluded, is also an active agent in bringing about an inward growth of the horn of the heels and quarters.

He never could believe that the documents so pathetically alluded to by the Solicitor-General were two speeches of Lord Liverpool and Lord Londonderry to which every human being had access in that most excellent work.

Bowers of roses and flowers are perpetually alluded to in the writings of eastern poets.

I have always applied to good breeding, what Addison in his Cato says of honour: "Honour's a sacred tie; the law of Kings; The noble mind's distinguishing perfection, That aids and strengthens Virtue where it meets her; And imitates her actions where she is not."' When he took up his large oak stick, he said, 'My lord, that's Homerick[260];' thus pleasantly alluding to his lordship's favourite writer.

Possibly her husband alludes to this afflictive occurrence in the following memorandum: 12 mo.

He felt his position hard because Wright had alluded so prominently to him, and he knew how much he must be misconstrued, but he had his brother's spirit, and would not shrink.

They spoke of their fear lest their countrymen might be misled into the belief that this numerous body of armed men was hostile or indifferent to the cause of America; and proudly alluded to the fact that they had lived so long without bread or salt, or shelter at night, and that the troops they led could march and fight as well as any in the world.

Kepler however goes on to say, "If I am to speak of the results of my studies, what, I pray, can I find in the sky, even remotely alluding to it?