186 adverbs to describe how to announced

ELEVEN O'CLOCK.It is now officially announced that the watering hose referred to in my last is intended for gardening purposes only.

In 1766, he first publicly announced the object and nature of his secret labours:all his discoveries centered in the magnet, which, according to his hypothesis, was the best and safest remedy hitherto proposed against all diseases incident to the human body.

Duly the contract was signed, by which Lauzun took the name of M. de Montpensier and the largest fortune in the kingdom, surrendered without reservation, all, all to him; but Mazarin had bribed the notary to four hours' delay, and during that time the King was brought to change his mind, to revoke his consent, and to contradict the letters he had written to foreign courts, formally announcing the nuptials of the first princess of the blood.

That is the news which the paper announces triumphantly," said Mr. Barnes.

A huissier announced every one distinctly, but the names and titles said nothing to Madame Grevy.

"As an introducer," she announced calmly to Carter, the personification of propriety's horror, "I think I do rather well.

The vile insinuation that PUNCHINELLO is printed and published for the sole purpose of making money out of its subscribers and the reading public in general, is too mendacious for refutation; and when the reckless editor of the periodical in question gravely announces that he can never read PUNCHINELLO without laughing at its contents, it will be readily seen that he goes so far as to make use of the truth to serve his wicked purposes.

He boldly announced to the unbelievers, that, on a certain day, he would give them proof of his supernatural powers by bringing darkness over the sun.

"It's a broken connection," he announced briefly.

Immediately after dinner Mitchell had insisted on dressing up, and was solemnly announced in his own house as Prince Gonoff, a Russian noble.

"What is your name?" "Emancipation Proclamation Jackson," announced the owner of the name proudly.

And of those who openly announce their conceptions, some frame their discourses according to science, but others according to inspiration from the gods.

Lippo and Mäzli arrived at that moment, loudly announcing the important news that Kathy was going to serve the soup in a moment and that the table was not even set.

The determination of admitting the claims of Sigismund, so frankly announced by Adelheid in the preceding chapter, was taken during this time.

After the result of the first run had been duly announced, our St. Louis excursion friendswho had approached to the place where we had stoppedset out a lot of champagne, which they had brought with them, and which proved a good drink on a Kansas prairie, and a buffalo hunter was a good man to get away with it.

Who is the host, Uncle John?" "Mr. Jones, of course," announced Beth, promptly.

A glass was handed to him, and he was soon heard announcing cheerfully to his men, that "Mr. Hazard and the second officer were in the boat, with two seamen," and that he supposed they should now have their complement.

"Any of you girls like to come along?" Mandy had parted her lips to accept the general invitation, when Shade Buckheath rose to his feet and announced curtly, "I'll go with you.

Then, snapping his fingers as one who says: I have it!"Albert Dupont," he announced abruptly.

The host of the Roach House bore both fork and object to a window, where the light was less deceptive, and was presently able to announce confidently that the object was only a hair-pin.

The late father-confessor tried to outstay his new rival, but in vain; the padre deliberately announced his intention of taking a bed, and the vicar, with a heavy heart, rose to go to his inn.

"It was a lovely party," announced Tony casually, unaware how much Carlotta had seen over her shoulder in the mirror.

And it will be hard even to attempt that; for the status quo is founded upon the principle of a balance of power in the Balkan peninsula; and Roumania has definitely announced herself as a Balkan power.

"It is authoritatively announced that the American troops fighting in France will very shortly receive steel helmets, the design of the helmets being very similar to those worn by the French and British forces, but bearing, as insignia, the United States coat of mail.

"Now, you needn't attempt to take any liberties with me," Miss Hugonin announced, decisively, "because if you do I'll never speak to you again.

186 adverbs to describe how to  announced  - Adverbs for  announced
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