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62 adverbs to describe how to « applaud »

62 adverbs to describe how to « applaud »

  • And his sentiment was loudly applauded.
  • Colonel Gansevoort cried in ringing tones, and straightway Sergeant Corney set about clapping his hands with such vigor that, almost before the men were aware of the fact, they were applauding the commandant heartily.
  • They were received by a brown and wildly applauding crowd of natives, and a minute or two later by Cocoanut, who had run like a deer to see the end of the vast performance he had inaugurated.
  • And the reserve forces of the Allies were still intact, the strategy of General Foch in this respect being universally applauded as correct under the circumstances.
  • The original title had been The Turnhill Guardian and Five Towns General Chronicle, and she had approved it; but when Mr. Cannon, with a view to the intended development, had inverted the title to The Five Towns Chronicle and Turnhill Guardian, she had enthusiastically applauded his deep wisdom.
  • "The argument he made was thus: He said that Jerusalem is a holy city, and Palestine a holy land; and that promises are all the more sacred if given in connection with religious matters; whereat they all applauded greatly.
  • " Mrs. Wilson sighed heavily as she witnessed that confiding esteem which would not permit her niece even to suspect that an act which in Denbigh had been so warmly applauded, could, even in another, proceed from unworthy motives; and she found it would be necessary to speak in the plainest terms, to awaken her suspicions.
  • The young students appeared pleased and applauded vigorously, but Master Simmons's mother rose from her seat and addressed Mr. Fink-Nottle in terms of strong protest."
  • And now Mr. Hoskins, asking if any gentleman would volunteer a song, what was our amazement when the simple Colonel offered to sing himself, at which the room applauded vociferously; whilst methought poor Clive Newcome hung down his head, and blushed as red as a peony.
  • I can vehemently applaud, or perversely stickle, at parts; but I cannot grasp at a whole.
  • This serves him for wit; for when he meets with any of his foreign acquaintances, all they smatter passes for wit, and they applaud one another accordingly.
  • This proposal was uproariously applauded, and four of the citizens present, with the last speaker for chairman, were named on the spot to watch the case.
  • At the close of each piece, Tom, without waiting for the audience, would himself applaud violently, kicking, pounding his hands together, turning always to his master for the approving pat on the head.
  • When the young girl stopped at last, breathless, the people applauded eagerly.
  • Even de Valera's controversial ban on divorce was publicly applauded by the Church of Ireland hierarchy.
  • We wish we could express their liberality in those handsome terms, in which it deserves to be represented, or applaud them sufficiently for deviating for once from the rigours of servile discipline.
  • The audience applauded rapturously; this applause was, however, not for me, but for the Emperor Alexander!"
  • At last it ceased: and all men drew their breaths once more; while a low murmur of admiration ran through the crowd, too well-bred to applaud openly, as they longed to do.
  • The clerk in the tank involuntarily applauded.
  • Let us take a concrete example:In a recently published and widely applauded cookbook put out by a whole committee of Adamistic philosophers, it is stated that the object of the book is to give practical hints as to the various ways in which "economies can be effected and waste saved;" and yet no saving of the woman's time, nerves and muscles is referred to from cover to cover.
  • And he slandered the Godhead with sinful word, And strutting in pride he blasphemed, the crowd Of servile courtiers applauding loud.
  • She was too aware of Oliver leaning forward in his box, applauding louder than any one.
  • And beholding the light-handedness of Partha they all applauded it mentally.
  • Sometimes, too, for the sport's sake, we imprison in earthen figures a spark of the true life of Audela: and then you little persons, that have no authentic life, but only the flickering of a vexed shadow to sustain you in brief fretfulness, say it is very pretty; and you negligently applaud us as the most trivial of men and women.
  • The Chevalier Dumont had amused his leisure by running his eyes over the records of the naval history of his country, where he had found this and that commander applauded for throwing their top-sails to the mast, abreast of their enemies.
  • The tragedy was by them most pithily framed, and no less curiously acted in view of her Majesty, by whom it was then as princely accepted, as of the whole honourable audience notably applauded: yea, and of all men generally desired, as a work, either in stateliness of show, depth of conceit, or true ornaments of poetical art, inferior to none of the best in that kind: no, were the Roman Seneca the censurer.
  • It was in the little billiard-room I found him, pachydermatously applauding the creditable attempts of Sir John Sankey at the cannon game, and as studiously ignoring the excellent shots of an undistinguished clergyman who was beating the judge.
  • In striving to carry on Carlile's work, we cannot expect to escape Carlile's reproach, but whether applauded or condemned we mean to carry it on, socially as well as politically and theologically.
  • Amidst some media criticism, she decided to take Williamwho was still a babyon her first major tours of Australia and New Zealand, and the decision was popularly applauded.
  • Regardless of what you think about AOC’s policies, we should applaud her calling out abusive and dehumanizing insults.
  • "Hearing those words of the charioteer's son, they repeatedly applauded him, and at last exclaimed, 'Very well!'
  • Handkerchiefs are waved, and applauding shouts resound from every side.
  • Our contemporary, while rightly applauding the resourcefulness of our bombers, might have given the Germans credit for their remarkable feat of acrobacy.
  • Then it became easier for me to continue and I finished with great confidence and was roundly applauded.
  • We are indeed told, that the visible effects of his majesty's measures prove their expediency, and that we may safely applaud that conduct of which we receive the benefits.
  • But then, instead of humbly presenting it to her lord, she haughtily dashed it at his feet, and left the hall, saying that though she had obeyed him, she would never again live with him as his wife,a declaration which the warriors present secretly applauded, for they all thought that their king had been wantonly cruel toward his beautiful wife.
  • "And the Ethels are the authors of the ideal" murmured Tom Watkins, applauding silently, as the girls blushed.
  • He had completely hypnotized us with his infectious high spirits, and we were able to applaud him sincerely, for this lonely cobbler of shoes was evidently a natural well of music, and was, besides, no little of an executant.
  • "Well done, Sis!" and Louis applauded softly.
  • It is indeed easy to conceive why any fashion should become popular, by which idleness is favoured, and imbecility assisted; but surely no man of genius can much applaud himself for repeating a tale with which the audience is already tired, and which could bring no honour to any but its inventor.
  • We truly applaud all that he has done as an advocate for the LGBT community.
  • To run all kinds of hazards, to jeopardize one's self, to rush into the jaws of deaththese are too often identified with Valor, and in the profession of arms such rashness of conductwhat Shakespeare calls, "valor misbegot"is unjustly applauded; but not so in the Precepts of Knighthood.
  • He applauded noiselessly, with fat hands.
  • The jealousy of Salvatti's comrades tended to perpetuate and exaggerate this legend; and the tenor, worn out, poor, and a wreck virtually for all of his pose of grandeur, was able to make a living still from provincial publics, who charitably applauded him with the self-conceit of climbers pampering a dethroned prince.
  • Her father and Marcus Wilkeson watched her developing education with equal pride, and constantly applauded and encouraged her.
  • As usual, the audience, not knowing what else to say, applauded very cordially.
  • Then there came a person dressed in black, having the appearance of a student: he sat down amongst the others, laughed quite at the proper time, and applauded quite correctly; that was an unusual spectator!
  • During that period few books were more read, or more deservedly applauded.
  • In questions of an abstruse and complicated nature, it is certain, sir, that experience has taught us what could never have been discovered previously by the wisdom of our ancestors; and we have found, by their consequences, the impropriety of many practices which they approved, and which we should have equally applauded in the same circumstances.
  • "Exactly," applauded Franziska, who was standing behind Mozart's chair.
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