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Pitt and Ligonier heartily approved.

Seven years earlier it might still have been possible to raise French-Canadian counterparts of those Highland regiments which Wolfe had recommended and Pitt had so cordially approved.

They were received with great honor and distinction by Pope Honorius, who warmly approved of the objects and designs of the holy fraternity.

When eaten fresh, it is served as an entremets; but its principal use is in sauce and gravy; its flavour stimulates the appetite, and is almost universally approved.

GILKEY, GORDON W. Officially approved etchings, New York World's Fair.

The plan so formulated shall be binding when, and only when, unanimously approved by the Governments signatory to this Covenant.

It may, indeed, naturally be hoped from this house, that his majesty's measures will be readily approved, since they are such as even malice and faction will not dare to censure or oppose, such as calumny will not venture to defame, and such as those who will not praise them can never mention.

This conduct will be secretly approved, even by those who may think themselves obliged to oppose it in publick; and, as it will be moderate and decent, may probably preserve the nation without irritating the other house.

The conquest of Ireland was formally approved.

"No example has ever been adduced, of a man conscientiously approving an action, because of its badness."

In order therefore that the necessary harmony may be secured, it would be expedient to remove the chief authority nearer to the theater of war, by confiding all the necessary instructions and powers to the person who might be selected for the direction and command of the enterprise, after the general plan of operations had been regularly approved.

Holding as he did to the Papal infallibility in a form far more extreme than that subsequently approved by the Vatican Council, he was bound in consistency to accept the Pope's decision as infallible in respect to its expediency and in all its detail.

I was guided, therefore, chiefly by expediency rather than by principle in presenting my views to the President and in openly approving the idea of a guaranty.

But there were those in influential positions in England who were not content with publicly approving the act, but publicly proclaimed the motive.

Therefore it is that we decidedly approve of the conduct of Milton and the other wise and good men who, in spite of much that was ridiculous and hateful in the conduct of their associates, stood by the cause of public liberty.

At the same time the colonial legislatures promptly approved and agreed to sustain the acts of the Continental Congress.

Matilda's Ben became addicted to evil courses and among other things committed an assault and battery on Sambo, for which he received corporal punishment duly approved by our Farmer, whose earnest desire it was "that quarrels be stopped."

The world generally expected he would follow the steps of his father, who was one of the first English gentlemen who joined the prince of Orange, and continued firm to the Revolution principles, and consequently approved the Hanoverian succession, upon whose basis it was built.

But as such men are not found very frequently, I should suggest it as an approximation to a safe criterion, that a thing may be regarded as mature when it is deliberately and dispassionately approved by an educated man of good ability and above thirty years of age.

The decision having been made in this simple fashion, Aguinaldo gravely approved the election as expressing the will of the people.

I recall how half-heartedly he approved of the scheme, which had its origin in the fertile brain of Mr. Collins there.

It is not to be supposed that acts such as these were approved indiscriminately by the newcomers.

Comparison is when any action which intrinsically cannot be approved, is defended by reference to that for the sake of which it was done.

Dancing, singing, masking, mumming, stage plays, howsoever they be heavily censured by some severe Catos, yet if opportunely and soberly used, may justly be approved.

Even Tubal's work would probably be little approved at this day in Sheffield; and therefore of Cain (Cain senior, I mean,) it is no disparagement to say, that his performance was

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