95 adverbs to describe how to assents

"By all means," assented Mr. Charteris, readily.

She said she would like to get a school for the children, to which they gladly assented.

"Yes," he assented, gravely, "I know, dear.

This intelligence had but little effect on the ladies of the Moseley family; yet, as their uncle desired that, out of respect to his neighbors, if invited, they would go, they cheerfully assented.

It will contribute willingly its assent, as far as it sees convenient: but will not be forced.

" "Not the least," Heywood assented gloomily.

Mea apparently had been busy with the same thought for she assented very eagerly.

The Jesuit assented cordially.

Will your majesty deign to allow her to remain under your protection until my return?" To this the king graciously assented, and I was received into the palace, where I soon found means of letting the princess know of my disguise, and was taken into her apartments as one of her immediate attendants.

"Didn't you?" "Of course," assented Darrin rather reluctantly.

I joyfully assented to so pleasant a proposition, and, "hitching a three-forty before a light waggon"as the term is in Americawe were soon bowling away merrily along a capital road.

"By all means, Mr. Morgan," I assented heartily.

"Quite," assented the girl, coldly; "one cannot remember all the boys and girls one knew as a child.

She assented absently as if she were thinking of something else, and once more gazed thoughtfully at the mummy.

To this desire the Duke of Weimar generously assented.

"Oh, yes," assented the elder man, politely, and tasting his drink.

"It is, indeed," Badger assented emphatically.

Miss Stapylton assented, hastily; "I remember perfectly.

'Yes,' assented the Primadonna indifferently.

"Yes," assented the other, drily; "yes, I am here right enough.

"Shall we go down to the sheep first?" "Anywhere you like," he assented, brightly.

" "Yes," she assented, languidly.

' 'With your leave,' says Harry, 'I think he was driven out, because of those nice and subtle points of doctrine, that our rulers cruelly enforced, and he could not honestly assent to.

on't," Mr. Saltoun assented, doubtfully.

" The Hart boys promptly assented, after a look at each other, and a sort of chuckle.

95 adverbs to describe how to  assents  - Adverbs for  assents