4 adverbs to describe how to astern

The cord cut our hands cruelly, but it held, and the dead man sank beneath the surface, and was swept swiftly astern, into the black depths.

Then no change or break in the darkness, except a dim lantern or two creeping low in a sampan, with a fragment of talk from unseen passers; until, as the stars multiplied overhead, the night of the land rolled heavily astern and away from another, wider night, the stink of the marshes failed, and by a blind sense of greater buoyancy and sea-room, the voyagers knew that they had gained the roadstead.

For that night, in a light breeze, the two ships lay close together, the schooner riding jauntily astern.

Outside, the invisible sea raced astern, hissing slightly beneath the driving impact of the rain.

4 adverbs to describe how to  astern  - Adverbs for  astern