119 adverbs to describe how to avoids

They ate supper, studiously avoiding each other's eyes.

They had purposely avoided highways and habitations, and, as a result, were limited in food to such corn-cribs as they found far from human abodes, or the autumn aftermath of vegetables sometimes found in the shadow of the woods.

They express confidence in the Publishing Committee, and at the same time impliedly condemn them by recommending them to do precisely what they had all along scrupulously avoided doing.

Mandy always instinctively avoided.

He was avoiding her deliberately.

If he had been a ghost, men could not have avoided him more sedulously, and the giant servant who stalked at his back.

"Divil a sick, gintlemen," is the answer, with a slight catch of the voice,"bless the two of yez!" EDWIN DROOD can scarcely avoid a start, as he thinks to himself, "Good Heaven!

Emily was much relieved by this postponement of an interview which she would gladly have avoided for ever; and her aunt sincerely rejoiced that her niece was allowed more time to eradicate impressions, which, she saw with pain, her charge had yet a struggle to overcome.

To the timid traveler, fresh from the sedimentary levels of the lowlands, these highways, however picturesque and grand, seem terribly forbiddingcold, dead, gloomy gashes in the bones of the mountains, and of all Nature's ways the ones to be most cautiously avoided.

But when Caesar perceived that they had proposed the conference merely to avoid present danger and distress, but that they offered no hopes or terms of peace, he applied his thoughts to the prosecution of the war.

Foreigners wisely avoid this miserable country, and if they did visit it, would not be hospitably received.

It may fairly be inferred these restraints or checks have been carefully and intentionally avoided.

He had never been in Rome, nor known many Romans, and it amused him to see how skilfully Cataldi (who was a devoted admirer of Leo XIII) avoided all cross-currents and difficult questions, saying only what he intended to say, and appreciating all that was said to him.

Wesley was quite unconscious of what Goethe's doctrine of colors might be, so he prudently avoided urging fuller particulars regarding Dick's theory, and said, vaguely; "You have color enough here to theorize on, I'm sure.

That remedy, however, should not be used by just and generous nations, confiding in their strength for injuries committed, if it can be honorably avoided; and it has occurred to me that, considering the present embarrassed condition of that country, we should act with both wisdom and moderation by giving to Mexico one more opportunity to atone for the past before we take redress into our own hands.

'I will for the future,' says she, 'strenuously avoid every action that appears to me unjust, and will, both in society and at court, loudly express my opinion concerning such actions in others.

Regarding the locality, we may say, speaking now more particularly of a town house, that it is very important to the health and comfort of a family, that the neighbourhood of all factories of any kind, producing unwholesome effluvia or smells, should be strictly avoided.

In the salle-à-manger adjoining is less light, and here also is a symbol of Florentine unrest in the shape of a hole in the wall (beneath the niche which holds the Madonna and Child) through which the advancing foe, who had successfully avoided the cannon balls and the oil, might be prodded with lances, or even fired at.

"Parental virtue is a rich inheritance, as well as that chastity which habitually avoids a second husband.

Even to those who resolutely avoid the idleness of reading what is trivial, a difficulty is presenteda difficulty every day increasing by virtue even of our abundance of books.

Anne was recollecting that Colonel Musgrave had somewhat pointedly avoided her since her widowhood.

The best modern critics have studied and understood the classical treatises on poetic and have consequently avoided the confusion between rhetoric and poetic into which many renaissance critics fell.

The Agadir incident in 1911 betrayed the purely commercial nature of the designs of the four Powers concernedFrance, Spain, England, and Germanyand a war over the corpse of Morocco was only narrowly avoided.

In the meantime Roy had skillfully avoided Dan Cassell's blow, and was aggressively on the defensive.

In her later books the strained efforts at satire are partially avoided, and though the satirical spirit is not withdrawn in any measure, yet it is more delicately managed.

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