68 adverbs to describe how to awakening

Then her mind, tortured by newly awakened doubts, ran back over the events leading to the rupture with the Spragues.

She dozed now and then, fitfully, awakened always rudely by unaccustomed noises or by the cold or the discomfort of her bed.

Indeed, they have a club in Stockholm and there are more to follow, while the French, who have gradually been awakening to the joys of athletic pastime in which they have hitherto chosen to participate in other ways, hope to have a new league by the expiration of the present summer.

Joe's and Henri's seasoned frames would have remained stiff as posts till morning; but Dick's body was young and pliant, so he hadn't been asleep a few seconds when he fell forward into the mud and effectually awakened the others.

On one such occasion he was abruptly awakened by a light thrown suddenly on his face.

To be spiritually awakened is also to be mentally and physically awakened.

The landlord opened his heavy lips and gasped: the landlady sighed with a gradually awakening interest.

These wishes, especially directed toward his friends in the North, were awakened anew by the Peace of Hubertusbury (Feb., 1763).

But any sudden proceeding of that kind would inevitably awaken Lesbia's suspicions; and there is nothing so fatal to a woman's peace as this idea of danger.

A train of old associations, dormant during five years, had thus been instantaneously awakened in his mind.

But as soon as we try to give a positive name to this negative quality, then we do the same as the heathens of Mecca, who were violently awakened by his thundering prophecies: "He is nothing but one possessed, a poet, a soothsayer, a sorcerer," they said.

Scarcely any thing awakens attention like a tale of cruelty.

Only the clock of St. Bude's was faithfully awakening every soul within a radius of two hundred yards each quarter of an hour.

From my own observations, as well as from what I was told by persons well informed on the subject, I should say that this has not yet been the case, and that, for the present, there is but little hope of its being so: while, on the other side, the natives have acquired a number of useless wants, in consequence of which, the greed for gold has been fearfully awakened in their breasts.

She dozed now and then, fitfully, awakened always rudely by unaccustomed noises or by the cold or the discomfort of her bed.

Twice did I sit up in bed, breathless, with my hand on the cane, in the most intense anxiety; but fatigue finally overcame suspicion, and I sank into a deep sleep, from which I was gladly awakened by daylight.

Some of the Sonnets, which shall be carelessly turned over by the general reader, may happily awaken in you remembrances, which I should be sorry should be ever totally extinctthe memory Of summer days and of delightful years even so far back as to those old suppers at our old ****** Inn,when life was fresh, and topics exhaustless,and you first kindled in me, if not the power, yet the love of poetry, and beauty, and kindliness.

Young girls with pails and dippers in their hands stood chattering with women in wrappers, whose disheveled appearance told plainly that they had been hastily awakened and had hurried thence without thinking of their toilette.

It was when he moved, disturbing invisible layers of air, that I awakened horribly.

* We had slept for less than an hour, when we were hurriedly awakened.

Even before the great outbreak, it was evident that the mysterious powders Redwood had given him had awakened this gentleman's interest immensely, and so soon as the first wasps came he was putting two and two together.

On the other hand, in quarters quite unconnected with the recognised religious schools, interest had been independently and strongly awakened in the minds of theologians and philosophical thinkers, in regard to the idea, history, and relations to society of the Christian Church.

Intellectually awakened women were attracted possibly as much by Richter's knowledge of their feelings as by the fascination of his personality.

She remembered the crowd that had followed in her train, the manner in which people had looked after her on the street, and the little furore she had invariably awakened when she entered a shop or tea-room.

They spread among the other deputies the alarm, and pointed out the danger to which they had been so judiciously awakened.

68 adverbs to describe how to  awakening  - Adverbs for  awakening
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