76 adverbs to describe how to awoken

There was no room for a sleeping posture, and the danger of rolling down the rock into the water kept him wide awake.

As Peter grew wider awake, the monotony of the old negress's rancor faded into an unobserved noise.

The spell no longer lay over her; she was keenly awake to the demands of the present; she was thinking, thinking, thinking!

Gradually, there awoke an uneasy self-conscious interest as to all matters that concerned her, a mental pricking up of the ears when her name was mentioned.

" His hair, collar, and shoulders being very wet from the water which had been poured upon him during his slumber, Mr. BUMSTEAD, in his present newly-awake frame of mind, believed that a hard shower had taken place, and thereupon turned moody.

And he mourned exceedingly, and caused strong perfumes to be burned around the sleeper, and conches to be blown and gongs beaten in her ears, hoping that she would awake ere he was dead or wholly decrepit.

I woke up, however, intensely awake, and in perfect possession of all my faculties, while it was yet dark; and at once got up and began to dress.

From whatever cause it arose, the self-abstraction which I had noticed at Smyrna, was remarked about him while he was in the capital, and the same jealousy of his rank was so nervously awake, that it led him to attempt an obtrusion on the ambassadorial etiquetteswhich he probably regretted.

Old Jocunda, with her tough, vigorous organization and unceremonious habits of expression, could not conceive the exquisite pain with which this whole conversation had vibrated on the sensitive being at her right hand,that what merely awoke her hard-corded nerves to a dull vibration of not unpleasant excitement was shivering and tearing the tenderer chords of poor little Psyche beside her.

What a power to intoxicate his crude brains, just muddlingly awake, to perceive that something is wrong in the social system; what a hellish faculty above gunpowder!

Age, with its miserable train of cares, and sorrows, and diseases, was remembered only as the trouble of a dream, from which they had joyously awoke.

[Sidenote: 242, 252] Roughly awake, heere proclaime was madnesse: Was't Hamlet wrong'd Laertes?

It appeared to me that I fell asleep on this fancy and dreamt that I awoke painfully to a poor, one-sided life, effortless, barren, forbidding.

But he was terribly awake.

He let his mind dwell for a moment on the picture which Mrs. Marlow had made as Fullaway led him through the officea very well-gowned, pretty, alert, piquant little woman, still on the sunny side of thirty, who had given him a sharp glance out of unusually wide-awake eyes.

But though all this was no doubt sufficiently diverting, Weet-sur-Mer was never gloriously, aggressively awake until the sun went down.

After a while Cecil would awake guiltily and inject a fresh, almost gay interest into her sleepy voice.

Happily the knowledge of our interest awoke a kindly reciprocity in our guide, who, hurrying off, quickly returned with the venerable custodian of the key.

The boys thought the river was coming to a rather sudden end and hastily awoke me, and for the life of me I could not say they were not right, for there was no way in sight for it to go to.

Very, very far away it seemed as though he heard his heart awaking heavily.

"True God, in Thy name and in the name of Saint Mary will I awake henceforth, since the star of day rises from o'er Jerusalem, bidding me say, 'Up and arise, sirs, who love God!

Many ways of ascertaining the fact were revolved by her as with an aching head she lay hopelessly awake till morning, when she fell into a doze which lasted until she found that Raymond had risen, and that she must dress in haste, unless she meant to lose her character for punctuality.

Sometime later he found himself instantaneously awake, and alert, with a clear head and every faculty on the qui vivemuch as a man might grope for a time in a dark strange room, then find a door and step out into broad daylight.

I awoke joyful, and I was lighthearted for weeks after.

Thou wert not wont to be so sullen, child, But kind and loving to thy aged father: Awake, awake!

76 adverbs to describe how to  awoken  - Adverbs for  awoken