20 adverbs to describe how to bang

Anyhow, I'm not goin' to be pestered by the sight on ye any longer," and Hannah banged the kitchen-door violently after her.

He went past me, staggering and growling, into the sitting-room at the end of the passage, and furiously banged down the lid of the piano, so that every cord in it jangled deafeningly.

" Next moment Gerald obviously saw that the door was open, for he banged it noisily and Thorn heard nothing more.

"Sounded like a door banging upstairs.

Upstairs, I heard a door bang, loudly, and I knew that she had taken refuge in her room.

A bat banged heavily against my face, and the odour from the dusty floor irritated my nostrils so that I had difficulty in restraining myself from sneezing.

Having entered the engagement in my visiting-list, I rose, in greatly improved spirits, and knocked out my pipe just as the little clock banged out impatiently the hour of midnight.

The door banged intermittently in the morning breeze, and all the array of Wedderburn's orchids was shrivelled and prostrate.

Good afternoon, sir, 'd afternoon 'm." The door banged arrogantly.

There are mornings when your friends appear to have forgotten you, when a Levitical postman bangs your neighbour's gate mockingly and forthwith crosses the street.

He went downstairs to close a door that banged persistently, like misfortune knocking at the walls.

I got to St. Margaret's in the afternoon, tumbled into the first cab that stood outside the station; begged the driver to lose no time getting to the hospital, and went rattledly banging over the rough streets as though we were fleeing from the German army.

When she is by, I leave my work (I love her so sincerely), My master comes, like any Turk, And bangs me most severely.

he loveth a wench, indeed: He careth not though both of them do bleed; But Robin Goodfellow will conjure you, And mar your match, and bang you soundly too.

The yells increase, and the tom-toms, vigorously banged, seem calculated to fuss any self-respecting bear into fits.

He took the butt of his lance and thumped and banged lustily upon it.

Being by that time cold enough for breakfast, and willing to try the virtues of some soothing application to his right eye, which, from a bruise just below it, was nearly closed, the badly banged young man suspended his murderous calisthenics at the door of a rustic hotel, and there entered to secure a wayside meal.

But Susan soon discovered this and thereafter was continually banging at the lobby door to see if I was in.

Dis gate jes banged en banged all night.

Scarce had the thought crossed the threshold of my mind, when men with hasty steps rushed into the saloon, banging frantically at the cabin-doors, and the piercing cry was heard"Turn out!

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