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73 adverbs to describe how to barked

She sat in a great chair by the fire-corner; in her lap was a spaniel-dog that barked furiously; on a little table by her was her ladyship's snuff-box and her sugar-plum box.

During the night we heard a noise outside of the house, and soon the dogs began barking loudly.

One dreamed of running away and being chased by a dog with a hat on his head, who barked "Good-night" as fiercely as a bite.

Through the town they went, with dogs racing alongside and barking wildly, and quite a few persons waving them good wishes as they passed; for it was pretty well known what the Outdoor Club had in view, and the hunting toggery with which Bluff had adorned himself was a constant sign as to the glut there would presently be in the game market of Centerville.

We have frequently before seen young ladies at a bar, where others practiced more than they did; but we do not see why, if Miss BARKALOW wishes to bark aloud, she should not be allowed to bark, aloud or otherwise.

She laid down the pen and opened the door mechanically; the moonlight was streaming through the window in the hall; the dogs bounded to the front door still barking vociferously.

In an instant the dog made a jump for Daddy Blake, barking joyfully, and almost turning a somersault.

The owl would whinny or hoot according to his species; the loon send forth his agonizing and weird shriek from some distant lake; a fox might bark sharply and fretfully, or two quarrelsome 'coons dispute over a bit of food they had discoveredall this went with the camping business, and indeed it would have seemed odd to those boys had the usual accompaniment been missing.

I should not have given this incident more than a passing thought, had not Pepper at once begun to bark savagely; nor would he be silent when I bade him, which is most unusual behavior on his part.

You remember Jenkins?" I barked angrily and limped to the window.

At this the dog began to bark violently, and a second man came out.

Then I was woke by a sudden bark close outside, exactly like that of a clicketting fox; but as the dogs did not reply or give chase, I presumed it to be the cry of a bird, possibly a little owl.

Wheeling round in gyres, yelled the fowls of war, Of the battle greedy; hoarsely barked the raven, Dew upon his feathers, o'er the fallen corpses Swart that chooser of the slain!

No sooner was his master's voice heard, than, barking bravely, he snuffed the gale, dashed to the side of the vessel, and leaped into the boiling lake.

He had not gone many yards when a dog emerged suddenly from the undergrowth, and began to bark vigorously at him.

Roly-Poly kept prancing around in front, running here and there, and barking louder than ever.

Here they paused for a moment, and the little dog ran round and round them, barking gleefully.

Oh, the stringy-bark cockatoo, Oh, the stringy-bark cockatoo, I got a job of reaping off a stringy-bark cockatoo.

Span was barking now, barking eagerly, happily, confidently.

The dog, Bony, came along with them, wallowing to his ears and barking merrily.

Span was barking now, barking eagerly, happily, confidently.

Dogs flew at them, barking outrageously.

The barking dago.

Crusoe did not bark; he seldom barked; he usually either said nothing, or gave utterance to a prolonged roar of indignation of the most terrible character, with barks, as it were, mingled through it.

A small Pomeranian dog which lay on an easy chair, sprang up barking shrilly at their entrance, but at the command of the girl it settled down on its silk cushion again.

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