8 adverbs to describe how to beggar

In secrette she nurst him, and swaged his paine, While he throughe the realme was beleev'd to be slaine: At lengthe his faire bride she consented to bee, And made him glad father of prettye Bessee. And nowe, lest oure foes our lives sholde betraye We clothed ourselves in beggars' arraye; Her jewells shee solde, and hither came wee All our comfort and care was our prettye Bessee.

"I would gladly beggar myself to be quit of it" "Nay, thou wilt not be a beggar while there is wealth among the de Willadings.

" "You see," he remarked to Hart by way of explanation, "those beggars inside will be completely thrown off their guard by the silence.

As jolly a beggar was he as ever trod the lanes and byways of Nottinghamshire, for his eyes were as gray as slate, and snapped and twinkled and danced with merriment, and his black hair curled close all over his head in little rings of kinkiness.

And I really have some excuse for railing at Fortune, as you will agree when I tell you that, a couple of years ago, I went to bed one night a gentleman of independent means and excellent prospects and woke up in the morning to find myself practically a beggar.

We went into a handsome church, where we found a few people, principally beggars, at prayers, and leaving a small donation in the poor-box, beguiled the time by walking and sitting in the boulevard of the town.

It was immediately rolled up, and the beggar, in going away with it under his arm, thoughtfully (!) remarked, 'I'll hae tae

Of course, much remained to be explained, but I had learned enough, to know that I was virtually a beggar as to means, whatever I might be in feeling.

8 adverbs to describe how to  beggar  - Adverbs for  beggar