73 adverbs to describe how to behinds

" "Shall we go there now?" asked Violet as they closed the door softly behind them and started down the hall.

She went as fast as a run would carry her straight behind the intervening houses and came to the back entrance to the gaming hall.

He tried to do as they did, prancing and throwing up his heels and snorting, but when they ran from him they soon left him hopelessly behind.

" With his chest across the counter and legs out violently behind, Mr. Bauer flung up a glance from his order-pad.

A woman, wrapped in a long coat, stepped inside, closing it firmly behind her.

Do not the two powers united leave the carpet immeasurably behind?

The Saxons held this mountain strongly, and defended the height, as though they were shut fast and safely behind walls.

Oftener than not Adalia spends its evening snugly behind these drawn shades in great scoured kitchens or dining-rooms, the house-fronts dark.

Show the lady in, Joe." Crewe regarded his caller keenly as Joe ushered her in, placed a chair for her, and went out, closing the door noiselessly behind him.

In England, which is to a considerable extent a paper-money country, though vastly behind our own in this respect, it was deemed advisable, anterior to the act of Parliament of 1844, which wisely separated the issue of notes from the banking department, for the Bank of England always to keep on hand gold and silver equal to one-third of its combined circulation and deposits.

These men had unlimited funds at their disposal; they had the united influence of thousands of newspapers and of millions of newspaper-readers solidly behind them; and they carried in their pockets letters of introduction from editors and ex-presidents and ambassadors and prime ministers.

A basque cut high behind and on the shoulders apparently gives height.

The ground rose but gradually behind, and a small village stood close to the shore.

" The stranger gave a ravenish sort of croak, which might have been a laugh or anything else, and then went in and closed the door abruptly behind him.

Smoky, his hands loosed, seized Mintie in his arms, as the moon slipped discreetly behind a cloud.

" The Trader leisurely opened the door, Salmon P. keeping modestly behind, while Kaviak darted forward only to be caught back by Mac.

The palfrey was as fleet as wind, 85 And they rode furiously behind.

He heard them moving in the upper chambers; from the shop, he heard the dead man getting to his legs; and as he began with a great effort to mount the stairs, feet fled quietly before him and followed stealthily behind.

With her last bit of rope she connected the two bindings tightly behind him so that if he recovered, he would be at her mercy.

Julian went, banging the door vigorously behind him.

Sheath-knives, belts, tobacco-boxes, and watches were displayed alluringly behind the glass, sheltered from the sun by a row of cheap clothing dangling from short poles over the shop front.

When he had stalked along through the currant bushes, he half turned his face; she was walking demurely behind him, and he made a pretext of picking a currant to give her a chance to come abreast.

His nose was immersed in the folds of a large handkerchief, and his eyes watered profusely behind his glasses.

He was, therefore, considerably behind time, when he reached the field.

In other words, our ancestors in the dark ages were infinitely behind the Romans in intellect, and we are just reaching their standard of common sense.

73 adverbs to describe how to  behinds  - Adverbs for  behinds
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