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156 adverbs to describe how to  bend  - Adverbs for  bend

156 adverbs to describe how to bend

she gasped, in a half-whisper, bending to me eagerly, unable to sufficiently conceal the terrible anxiety consuming her.

" "Yes, yes," she bent lower eagerly.

How truly glorious the landscape circled around this noble summit!giant mountains, valleys innumerable, glaciers and meadows, rivers and lakes, with the wide blue sky bent tenderly over them all.

Of your strong and pliant branches, My canoe to make more steady, Make more strong and firm beneath me!" Through the summit of the Cedar Went a sound, a cry of horror, Went a murmur of resistance; But it whispered, bending downward, "Take my boughs, O Hiawatha!"

One glance showed them the boy safely perched on top of the plank, but the girl was bending backward.

He should also occasionally, when sitting or lying down, quietly bend the joint backwards and forwards, to cause its natural motion to return, and to prevent stiffness from taking place.

We might say now a buxom lass, or that a chambermaid was buxom, but we could not use the term, as Milton did, in its original sense of bowsome,that is, lithe, gracefully bending.

"Was it my fault, mother?" asked Olive, bending over her anxiously.

Now bend forwards, so as to let the dorsal and lumbar vertebrรฆ come into play, and the head can be turned 30 degrees more.

What can be more transparent than many a pool surrounded by quaking bogs, fringed, as they are in Ireland, with a ring of white water-lilies, which you dare not stoop to pick, lest the peat, bending inward, slide you down into that clear dark gulf some twenty feet in depth, bottomed and walled with yielding ooze, from which there is no escape?

In the warmth of my recitation, the word 'Christian' escaped my lips instead of 'philosopher,' and 'faith' instead of 'truth,' At the first mistake, I saw Cassianus start; at the second, I saw a tear glisten in his eye, as bending affectionately towards me, he said, in a whisper, 'Beware, my child, there are sharp ears listening.'

But the main point, namely, that a horizontal line above the level of the eye, in order to appear horizontal, must bend slightly upwards, was pointed out to me years ago by a common plasterer.

One morning I found him on his back, his body bent upward, with the edge of the base turned in all round towards the centre.

"It was not decent, illustrious senators, to listen to such disrespect in so noble a presence," Jacopo answered, bending reverently as he spoke.

Pressing both hands upon his breast, the young man bent low, with a flush of feeling on his pale cheek, and answered eagerly, "Ah, you are kind; it is balm to my sore heart to hear words like these.

A shallow water hinders my embrace; And yet the lovely mimic wears a face That kindly smiles, and when I bend to join My lips to his, he fondly bends to mine.

He lifted her to his arms, bent almost double over her.

"And that is?" said my father, bending toward her attentively.

" The young Cantab put his fingers on the assistant's upper arm, then with his other hand on his wrist, he bent the forearm sharply, and felt the biceps, as round and hard as a cricket-ball, spring up under his fingers.

Every one accustomed to the action of this particular condition of one of the great elements, will understand that a bend in the rocks outward, or a curve inward, must necessarily affect the manner in which these banks were formed.

Now the stubborn strength bends humbly, To the Master yielding dumbly; From the metal, purged and glowing, Forms of freest grace are flowing.

The Indian bow is usually from three and one-half to four feet in length, with such a difficult spring that one with no experience can scarcely bend it sufficiently to set the string.

He bent very abruptly and kissed her on the forehead.

What I had been hoping, of course, was to see Tuppy bending solicitously over Angela in one corner, while Gussie fanned the Bassett with a towel in the other.

If Baxter wondered at this purchase, he said nothing, only he bent his gaze thoughtfully upon the black leather bag that he held upon his knee.

" Esmo merely bent his head in reply.

But the matriarch's voice quavered even more than usual, and as she finished she hastily bent down and felt in her deep skirt-pocket for her snuff-box.

It then bends northward, and separates Germany from France, and further down Germany from Belgium.

Quite calmly she bent down and with her fingers examined the rent; it was not important.

IV.A Recruiting Sergeant Leaving Horncastle the next day, I bent my steps eastward, and on the following day I reached a large town situated on a river.

Richelieu meekly bent his head before the storm of words by which he was assailed, but he did not remain inactive.

Involuntarily, in a manner, I bent my kneeMy dearest lifeand made a very fine speech on presenting the Captain to her.

It was with a lighter heart than usual that he bent his steps homeward, for he knew that the dollar would be heartily welcome.

But Michael Roon had also telegraphed to Karl Steinmetz, and since the despatch of this message had the starosta dropped into the habit of standing at his doorway in the evening, with his hands clasped behind his back and his beady black eyes bent westward along the prince's high-road.

The coverings or roofs of their houses are constructed for the most part in the following manner: Having carried the wall to its full height, they make it to incline or bend in gradually till it form a regular vault.

Margaret bent her head gravely in assent.

He bent over her passionately, a thousand reasons rushing to his rescue, clamoring to be told her.

Their stiff, crooked roots grip the storm-beaten ledges like eagles' claws, while their lithe, cord-like branches bend round compliantly, offering but slight holds for winds, however violent.

He fixed his large, dark grey eyes earnestly on Mr. Hamilton's face, so earnestly, that for some time afterwards that look was recalled with melancholy feelings; he bent his head silently yet respectfully, and quitted the room without uttering a single word.

Again, these air passages have elastic fibers running the length of the tubes, which allow them to stretch and bend readily with the movements of the neck.

" Quick as a flash M. Paul bent toward the judge and said something in a low tone.

" So saying, the Princess Paulina crossed the hall, and, bending affably over Agnes, took her hand and kissed her, saying, "Welcome, my dear little sister, to the house of our Father!" Agnes looked up with strange, wondering eyes into the face that was bent to hers.

but that is not all, madam," said Ralph, smiling satirically, as he bent profoundly over the hand given to him.

Still he slept, so softly, that she bent close to hear his breathing....

"Notice anything peculiar about it?" asked Jimsy, for Roy was bending earnestly over the prints.

It stands (or stood; the road-makers had begun carting it away) at a bend in the road just south of one of the Turnbull canals.

Although he had put down his rifle and taken out his handcuffs, he jumped forward, across the platform, and Shillito bent sideways to avoid his spring.

I had halted opposite the little shop window, and, with my eyes bent dreamily on the row of wigs, was pursuing the above train of thought when I was startled by a deep voice saying softly in my ear: "I'd have the full-bottomed one if I were you.

Plucke up the fulsome thistle in the prime: Young trees bend lightly, but grow strong in time.

" How often did Jenny bend lovingly over that drawer, which by now had spread itself over a whole chest of drawers,for home was growing, growing,only a few more months and it would have grown so big and real that nothing but a little house would hold it.

" Again M. de Belliรจvre declared his utter inability to meet the wishes of the persecuted Marie; upon which Charles, coldly bending his head to the French envoy, offered a hand to each of the agitated Queens, and led them from the gallery.

And it is almost impossible for earnest men to bend their whole minds, however clumsily, to one branch of study without arriving at some truth or other.

she asked, bending awkwardly over the bed.

There was a questioning look in her beautiful eyes; the finely posed head with its crown of bright hair bent toward him inquiringly.

Inside, Doctor Suydam, pallid of face and shaking in a most unprofessional manner, was bending over a figure in riding-clothes, the figure of a tall, muscular man who lay silent, deaf to his words of greeting.

He bent his head instinctively, partly to hide the tears that had sprung to his eyes, and she kissed his forehead simply and tenderly.

That instant she decided in her impetuous, enthusiastic heart that Camilla was the most beautiful, sweetest, best-dressed, loveliest creature she had ever seen, or would ever see in her life; and she bent her back joyfully in the service of her ideal.

This ceremony was attentively watched by Longears, who, lying with his front paws stretched out straight, his head bent knowingly on one side, and an expression of thoughtful dignity upon his countenance, seemed to be revelling in the calm delights of a good conscience and a mild digestion.

There were cattle by the thousandsand he was a cattleman, from the top of his white sombrero to the tips of his calfskin boots, for all he had bent his back laboriously all summer over a hole in the ground, and had idled in town since Thanksgiving.

Why see how strong I am," and laughingly he bent down, and lifting his cousin with one arm and his great dog with the other, he tripped lightly over the threshold.

What is it you would say to me?" Still kneeling before her, still bending his head modestly, and still blushing, Fairyfoot told his story.

" With sighs her heart nigh burst, salt tears fast fell, As mournfully she bended o'er that sacred well.

A circular oak table stood in the midst of the chamber, covered with magnificent silver dishes, heaped with the choicest viands, which were handed to the guests by the earl's servants, all of whom represented skeletons, and it had a strange effect, to behold these ghastly objects filling the cups of the revellers, bending obsequiously before some blooming dame, or crowding round their spectral-looking lord.

" "Deduction!" exclaimed the Emir, bending his brows ominously.

His foaming coursers onward bend, And falling empires moan; One piercing cry the heavens ascend, One universal groan!

"Yes, perhaps these white men deserved dogseven Peetka's!" Kurilla limped back to his place, but turned to the Ingaliks before he sat down, and bending painfully over his stick, "Not Kurilla," he said, as though speaking of one absent"not Dall make so great journey, no dogs.

"Butbut it was not to you that I was about to offer any kindness," he continued, emphasizing the personal pronoun, and looking hard at Pet, who bent patiently over her work, and began to blush in anticipation that her name would be mentioned, Mr. Minford raised his eyes from a ratchet which he was finishing in a vice, and glanced with curiosity at the speaker.

On Robert's face was a look of intense anguish, as he bent pityingly over his friend.

" He bent toward her so pleadingly that Faith closed her eyes instinctively.

Panshine bent his head politely, as far as his shirt-collar permitted him, declared that he had already been convinced of the exceptional nature of her talents, and all but brought round the conversation to the subject of Metternich himself.

Polly bent forward in her eagerness.

" The young lady bent her head, civilly, but proudly.

Providentially, the first bend in the road to Bayeux afforded good cover on the side toward the town.

At length, embraced by the narrow gorge of Cape M. รกloi (Little Kabรกrdi,) the river, like a good Moslem, bending religiously to the east, and peacefully spreading over the hated shore, gliding sometimes over beds of stone, sometimes over banks of clay, falls, by Kizlรกr, into the basin of the Caspian.

for compression and bending respectively. | |-| BENDING LARGE BEAMS Apparatus: A static bending machine (described above), with a special crosshead for third-point loading and a long platform bearing knife-edge supports, is required.

Tenderly and sadly bending over him, with tears in her dark, luminous eyes, she said, "Is there anything I can do for you?" "Yes," said Tom, with laboring breath; "let me hole yore han', an' sing 'Ober Jordan inter glory' an' 'We'll anchor bye and bye.'

Were his apprehensions well grounded?" "I fear so; for while the great body of my school-fellows vehemently applauded my hearty declamation, I saw the dark eyes of Corvinus bent scowlingly upon me, as he bit his lip in manifest anger.

The two Masters that I have quoted, condemned this Retreat very much, especially Monsieur De Latouche, who says in springing back, three motions are necessary; first to draw back the Right-foot in guard, secondly to bend the Knee, and thirdly to chace or fly back.

Poppies indeed are the chief flowers in love nosegays, but they seldom bend towards the lady; at least not till the other flowers have been gathered.

On one sightly bend near a foaming waterfall some Inca chief built a temple, whose walls tantalize the traveler.

He fixed his large, dark grey eyes earnestly on Mr. Hamilton's face, so earnestly, that for some time afterwards that look was recalled with melancholy feelings; he bent his head silently yet respectfully, and quitted the room without uttering a single word.

Presently, having pointed the bow more to the left, I took the frappings off the strings, so that we could bend the bows singly, and after that we set the great weapon again.

He bent soberly, and brushed her lips with his own.

Sorrowfully I bend before the wrong you are about to commit.

The city lies on the south bank of the Rappahannock, which here makes a considerable bend nearly southward; and along the northern bank, opposite, extends a range of hills which command the city and the level ground around it.

And she waited a long while, eyes bent steadily on the velvet carpet at her feet.

Then, sternly bending forward, They struggled on awhile, Until they cleared the heavy stream, Then rushed towards the isle.

And lo! sudden the Maid did bend unto me, and I to take her into mine arms, out of the vague dreamings of her Memory-dreams.

He then lapsed into silence and looked at Augustus very straight and very queerly, while bending the nasty malacca suggestively.

She sweetly bending her fair eyes.

He bent swiftly down over her and dropped a small key into her lap.

The moments were agony, as I bent tensely forward, poised for a leap.

This is the deplorable alternativethe extirpation of the seceding member, or the never-ceasing struggle of two rival confederacies, ultimately bending the neck of both under the yoke of foreign domination, or the despotic sovereignty of a conqueror at home.

Maggie strove hard to do it, but he was heavy, and the swing bent unevenly.

For Muckle John it was beyond doubt; not two men in the broad earth had that ungainly bend of neck.

Unsteadily he bent over and taking her hands in his pressed his lips to them.

Two years later, in 1128, Henry sought by means of a marriage between the Empress Matilda and Geoffrey, the son of Count Fulk of Anjou, to secure the peace of Normandy, and provide an heir for the English throne; and Matilda unwillingly bent once more to her father's will.

The room in which the pair stood had been the scene of many a private and momentous conference, and in the big drawing-room upstairs many a Cabinet Minister had bent over the hand of the fair Lady Heyburn.

Rudolph stood bending a whip viciously.

I watched the PRESIDENT and thought (Unjustly) he was canting; I watched our late PRIME MINISTER When furious scribes were ranting, And vigilantly bent my looks On HARDEN and on BRANTING.