86 adverbs to describe how to blacked

Thet's whut I know about Sanchez." "I had a shipmate once," I observed, interested in his story, "who claimed to have seen the fellow; he described him as being a very large man, with intensely black hawklike eyes, and a heavy black beard almost hiding his face.

Thousands were reduced to mendicancy, numbers perished on the very highways, and the road was literally black with funerals.

Bogle was an excellent diplomatist, and no sooner heard from Lady Tichborne that her son Roger was in Australia than the two began to look for one another, the one as black inside as the other was out.

Her costume was daring without being startling, being merely black and white largely, boldly contrasted.

Hyah de jolly black boy, Singin', at his plow!

From his waist down, instead of the usual troll waist and legs, however, he had the neck and body of a mighty black stallion.

M. Coquenil had reached this point in his musings when he caught sight of a red-faced man, with a large purplish nose and a suspiciously black mustache (for his hair was gray), coming forward from the prefecture to meet him.

The face may be frightfully disfigured from the above cause, exceedingly black, and the features distorted.

They looked like yew-bushes, and when he got to them he found that they were thickly covered with small berries; on some bushes they were purple-black, on others crimson, but all were ripe, and many small birds were there feasting on them.

He was real black.

BLACK SPANISH.The real Spanish fowl is recognized by its uniformly black colour burnished with tints of green; its peculiar white face, and the large development of its comb and wattle.

The nose and roof of mouth should be distinctly black in colour.

In the intervals of a few seconds between flashes, if one stood with one's eyes fixed on the guns, the stars seemed blotted out in an utterly black darkness.

The entry to the workshops and offices was in the Rue de la Federation, through a large carriage way, whence one perceived the far-spreading yard, with its paving stones invariably black and often streaked by rivulets of steaming water.

"Vulgarity," he writes with a pithy half-truth, "is far worse than downright black guardism; for the latter comprehends wit, humour, and strong sense at times, while the former is a sad abortive attempt at all things, signifying nothing."

NOSEPreferably deep black.

He saw move through the stillness a bird all black, and beneath the beatings of his wings Babbulkund gloomed and darkened; and after him flew a bird all white, beneath the beatings of whose wings Babbulkund gleamed and shone; and there flew by four more birds alternately black and white.

Therefore, there are very strong arguments against the claim that the true variety is essentially black.

I think something dead black.

It was all deadly black and deadly silent, but the rustling of the girl's dress, as she hurried before them, was their guide.

" She was pinning on her little crêpe-edged veil over her decently black hat, and paused now to dab up under it at a tear.

"The moon, so white in the sky, becomes densely black when it is closely ranging with the sun, and it shows itself as a black notch on the burning disc when the eclipse begins.

"I didn't mean to talk slang, mother: I only meantwell, you know how dreadfully black he is; but then, he can steer a boat tiptop, and he's splendid for crabs and bluefish; and Dab says he's a good scholar too.

And the prospect did look encouragingly black in the West, where the American general Wayne was ready waiting south of Lake Erie, while the trade in scalps was unusually brisk.

What dost thou here, foul black?

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