8 adverbs to describe how to bleated

The heifer lows, uneasy at the voice Of a new master; bleat the flocks aloud.

The ewes began to run back and forth and bleat excitedly.

Though he had long blushed, sighed, and cast sheep's eyes at the idol of his affections, only till lately had he dared to bleat forth his passion.

Forward!" Down they charged upon the enemy, who was standing motionless, with staring eyes, bleating loudly.

Even sheep are "miserable if separated only for an hour;" they bleat pathetically and are disconsolate, though there is no question of an "absorbing passion for one."

Eight of the Germans, piteously bleating "Kamerad" stood against the wall near the door, their hands stretched high above their heads.

A goat bleated plaintively to remind him of their presence.

Our creek, which for eleven months in the year bleated sweetly at the foot of the garden, bellowed loudly as any bull of Bashan, and kept us prisoners in the house, where we had leisure to talk and reflect.

8 adverbs to describe how to  bleated  - Adverbs for  bleated