50 adverbs to describe how to bleed

He was bandaged up, profusely bleeding, and went stoically down the hill, supported by a companion, leaving a red trail along the wooden duck-boards that paved the trench.

After the imperial miser has copiously bled his captain, he lets him out to fill his skin again.

Early in the next month he tells Moore that the commandant of their troops, a brave officer, but obnoxious to the people, had been found lying at his door, with five slugs in him, and, bleeding inwardly, had died in the palace, where he had been brought to be nursed.

Each had, therefore, much of a near and interesting character to communicate to the other, and each dreaded to speak, lest he might cause some wound, that was not perfectly healed, to bleed anew.

And now one, and now another, bled swiftly from the mouth and died.

'One would bleed to death internally before long,' Griggs said. 'Are you sure?' 'Yes.

Lo, the struck deer, in some sequester'd part, Lies down to die, (the arrow in his heart;) There, hid in shades, and wasting day by day, Inly he bleeds, and pants his soul away.

These living facts are useful for History; the coup d'état is there, as though freshly bleeding.

The man who, like Sir Richard Grenville, says "Fight on," when there is nothing left to fight with or to fight for, except that indefinable thing honour, or the man who, like Sir Andrew Barton, says: "I'll but lie down and bleed awhile, And then I'll rise and fight again;" they are people of heroic temper, and cannot be called a common species.

* MARTYRS Patriots have toil'd, and in their country's cause Bled nobly; and their deeds, as they deserve, Receive proud recompense.

Doubtless, some fond parent's heart was bleeding deeply, and tears such as a mother only can shed were flowing freely, despite the gay bridal appearance of the whole ceremony.

To me thy vassall, whose yet bleeding hart With thousand wounds thou mangled hast so sore, That whole remaines scarse any little part; Yet to augment the anguish of my smart, 145 Thou hast enfrosen her disdainefull brest, That no one drop of pitie there doth rest.

He foretold evil results from the policy adopted, a policy under which, as he put it, "the distressed situation of the poor Indians who have long fought for us and bled farely for us

Her nose began to bleed furiously.

"I had the impression," said Bismarck, "that under Free Trade we were gradually bleeding to death.

completely she had filled up that gaping wound in his affections from which he once thought he must have bled hopelessly to death; how entirely he was bound up in her happiness, and how, even in an hour of trouble, danger, and vexation like this, his chief anxiety was lest it should bring sorrow and suffering to her.

"He's bleeding to death inside.

12 War, our consumption, was their gainful trade: We inward bled, whilst they prolong'd our pain; He fought to end our fighting, and essay'd To staunch the blood by breathing of the vein.

feelthat I could tell her that all was well with him, and with all the other soldiers of Britain, who sleep, like him, in the land of the bleeding lily.

" With that they heard the chamber door open, and there they saw angels; and two bare candles of wax, and the third a towel, and the fourth a spear which bled marvelously, that three drops fell within a box which he held with his other hand.

Time will not be allowed us to multiply to unquestionable peace, but by drawing upon England we can swiftly transfuse what we need of her strength into her veins, and by that operation bleed her into health and sanity Meantime, the only serious enemy to the Empire, within or without, is that very Democracy which depends on the Empire for its proper comforts, and in whose behalf these things are urged.

Who, listening to an angel choir, Rapt and devoted, following still Where duty or religion led, The mind prepar'd, subdued the will, Bent their grand purpose to fulfil: Conquer'd, endur'd, or meekly bled!

Camballo's Ring, given him by his sister Canacê, "had power to stanch all wounds that mortally did bleed.

Then looked they and saw a man come out of the Holy Vessel, that had all the signs of the passion of Jesu Christ, bleeding all openly, and said: "My knights, and my servants, and my true children, which be come out of deadly life into spiritual life, I will now no longer hide me from you, but ye shall see now a part of my secrets and of my hidden things: now hold and receive the high meat which ye have so much desired."

But a short interval had passed since the death of their beloved Herbert, and there were many times when the parents' hearts yet painfully bled, and each felt retirement, the society of each other, and sometimes of their most valued friends, the exercise of domestic and religious duties, would be the most efficient means of acquiring that peace of which even the greatest affliction cannot deprive the truly religious mind.

50 adverbs to describe how to  bleed  - Adverbs for  bleed