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236 adverbs to describe how to blow

"It is so long since I 'ave seen 'er," said Monsieur Joseph, blowing his nose violently.

Caesar had purposed to set out certainly early in July, but delay followed upon delay, and when he was ready at last, the wind settled into the north-west and blew steadily from that quarter for twenty-five days.

"She has never troubled me since that day," says Vishnu; "but at times when I am out in my fishing-boat and the wind blows softly from the west, I hear her voice calling to me across the waters.

At the sight of Mademoiselle, he bowed ceremoniously, and blew loudly on his fingers.

The chill March wind blew fiercely along the streets of Marlborough one afternoon and Evadne shivered.

The quarter from which the air came had compelled the officer of the watch to haul up on the larboard tack, or with the schooner's head to the southward and westward; a course that might do for a few days, provided it did not blow too heavily.

Hard is his lot that, here by fortune plac'd, Must watch the wild vicissitudes of taste; With ev'ry meteor of caprice must play, And chase the new-blown bubbles of the day.

A north-easterly snowstorm was blowing furiously, straight up the St Lawrence, making Quebec a partly seen blur to the nearest American patrols and the Heights of Abraham a wild sea of whirling drifts to the nearest British sentries.

O sweet and far, from cliff and scar, The horns of Elfland faintly blowing!"

The wind blew sharply against her; she stepped back and closed the door; she was shivering while her cheeks were blazing.

The wind was blowing briskly, and for more graphic elucidation he seized the corners of his mother's shawl and spread them out till it bellied like a sail.

Oh! the grass does not dwell in my thought, But the donor, more elegant, fair. ~Discontent~ As when the north winds keenly blow, And all around fast falls the snow, The source of pain and suffering great, So now it is in Wei's poor state.

The stars shone brightly, and the wind blew freshly from west north-west.

But the priest, without so much as a glance at the new-comer, proceeded to feed Kaviak out of the saucepan, blowing vigorously at each spoonful before administering.

"Violets blue" and "fresh-blown roses" are, to be sure, more agreeable objects of the Imagination than a gin shop in Wapping or a booth in Bartholomew Fair; but, in point of morality, these are distinctions without a difference: or it may be the cultivation of mind (which teaches us to reject and nauseate these latter objects) aggravates the case, if our improvement in taste be not accompanied by a proportionate improvement of morals.

Aloft, in secret veins of air, Blows the sweet breath of song; Ah! few to scale those uplands dare, Though they to all belong.

The autumnal gale blows wildly through the grass, amidst our woolen tents.

The doctor's laboratory stood in plain sight between the two columns of steam blown straight upward through the stillness of the evening.

Rarely does it rain, but the whole tract of the adjoining country, between the Atlas and the sea, is tempered on the one side by the loftiest ranges of that mountain, and on the other, by the north-east trade winds, blowing continually.

Outside it blows wetter and wetter, The tossing trees never stay still.

If, however, you find traces three times in the first hour, or see the blood pouring from the trunknot merely blown in spray upon the bushesthen the certain conviction comes that within an hour you will find your kill.

The whistle blew shrilly.

The first shell fired from the Prize hit the foremost gun of the submarine and blew it overboard, and a later shot knocked away the conning tower.

the meanness of Robert to strike this cowardly blow at me, his own cousin!

And what was most wonderful of allby the fire stood two angels, with grand lovely wings, and they made a great fanning with their wings, and so blew the fire up loud and strong about the golden cauldron.

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