76 adverbs to describe how to brushes

Dressed with a perfect regard to the latest London fashion, with his hair smoothly brushed and a pearl pin in his black satin tie, Herr Selingman stood upon the threshold, beaming upon them.

Fine cloths require to be brushed lightly, and with rather a soft brush, except where mud is to be removed, when a hard one is necessary, being previously beaten lightly to dislodge the dirt.

Then the Burgomaster stammered, And scarce knew what to speak, And hastily he brushed aside A drop, like a tear, from his cheek.

"'Girl Reading a Book,'" she said disdainfully, as she began to brush her hair vigorously.

But it was well known to be a book of magic; and once, when a chambermaid had lifted it, merely to brush away the dust, the skeleton had rattled in its closet, the picture of the young lady had stepped one foot upon the floor, and several ghastly faces had peeped forth from the mirror; while the brazen head of Hippocrates frowned, and said: "Forbear!" Such was Doctor Heidegger's study.

A glance in the mirror showed a crisp fresh shirt-waist, and neatly brushed hair, so Patty ran down to the library to welcome her guest.

Now, there are certain prejudices and problems which appear to be rudely brushed away by the dogmatic arrogance of the principle stated.

He passed the hedge, carelessly brushed his clothes with his hands, and walked slowly up the Clayhanger garden towards the new house, and in the deep shadow of the house was lost.

She brushed by him impatiently, without a word, and walked to the ticket-office.

" She brushed the tears angrily from her eyes.

When presently the visitors were shown into Vincent's room, Jack called out to them to come and see valor conquered by love; and, when they entered, mamma was brushing her eyes furtively, while she still held Jack's unwounded hand under the counterpane.

Yes, yet another step, and she was already stretching out her hand in readiness to stop him as soon as he should brush past.

and then, at the friction of our hands, the beads gave out slightly their pungent smell that breathes all through the Arabian Nights, you know; and the perfumed curls were brushing softly over his fingers, and I a little vexed and flushed as the blind blew back and let in the sunshine and a roistering wind;why, it was all a pretty scene, to be felt then and remembered afterward.

It is a mockery to ask India not to hate when in the same breath India's most sacred feelings are contemptuously brushed aside.

When the evening comes that he will appear for dinner, clean and immaculate, his shirt buttoned properly and his hair nicely brushed, perhaps Mother will be proud of him; but as for me, there will be a lump in my throatfor I shall know that he has grown up.

Mechanically she brushed herself, and mechanically, very mechanically she picked bits of furze from her dress.

Then she turned up the lamp, removed the pins from her abundant hair, shook it down, and began to brush it calmly and carefully.

Out of my way!" He brushed Lolla aside roughly, and strode off down the trail that Bessie had followed.

And above the long body his face glowed with its vivid coloring, the liquid golden eyes that moved easily under their lids, the polished black hair sleekly brushed, the red-brown cheeks, the bright lips, flexible and curved, of his Spanish mother.

Or, grasping her long brooms by the handles, she will go into the woods and beat the icicles off the big trees as a housewife would brush down cobwebs; so that the released limbs straighten up like a man who has gotten out of debt, and almost say to you, joyfully, "Now, then, we are all right again!"

"That rap was the signal of the approach of the O.C." Farley was industriously brushing the signs of dust from Jetson's uniform.

"History has as ruthlessly brushed aside most of the army commanders of the early days.

Why Sir he served the great Lady Kingcob and was yeoman of her wardroppe, & because a cood brush up her silkes lustely, she thought he would curry the enemies coates as soundly, and so by her commendations, he was made Captaine in the lowe Countries.

A doctor with sleep-cleared eyes, fresh collar, and newly brushed hair.

He shook my hat, and shook out into his extended hand, two or three eggs, a large marble, a watch, about half a dozen of the inevitable glass balls, and then crumpled, crinkled paper, more and more and more, talking all the time of the way in which people neglect to brush their hats inside as well as outpolitely, of course, but with a certain personal application.

76 adverbs to describe how to  brushes  - Adverbs for  brushes
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