8 adverbs to describe how to burnish

The chair is beautifully burnished, covered with ruby velvet, and edged with ruby and gold fringe; the back is surmounted by a crown containing sapphires, with lions in support; another crown and the letter W being wrought on the velvet immediately underneath.

No waving plume, no crest they wore, but corselet, gorget, and brigantine, brightly burnished.

The brass work, of which there is much, is brilliantly burnished, and the front room is bright and cheery.

The river, up which they had fled, now rested broad and quiet as a shallow lake, burnished faintly, brooded over by a floating, increasing light, not yet compounded into day.

The armour both of men and horses is often made in this fashion, and is kept finely burnished.

Floss, burnishing her nails somewhat frantically with a dilapidated and greasy buffer, snatched the garment from her and slipped bare arms into it.

"Very good, sir," said George, burnishing his face harshly with a very small towel which had been hanging over the top of the pump.

The face was light blue; the cases newly burnished.

8 adverbs to describe how to  burnish  - Adverbs for  burnish