9 adverbs to describe how to buttered

In families where much cheese is consumed, and it is bought in large quantities, a piece from the whole cheese should be cut, the larger quantity spread with a thickly-buttered sheet of white paper, and the outside occasionally wiped.

Rub the nutter or butter lightly into the flour.

Mr. Griggs was in the house.' Margaret wondered whether she had saved his life too, in his own estimation or in that of her maid, and while she pondered the question she buttered her nose industriously.

With a horse's nose-bag upon his arm my namesake chanted in pleading tones above the din, "Peanutsfreshly buttered popcornCulver's celebrated double-X cough drops, cool and refreshing!"

It occurred to her just then that all the other artists who had appeared with her were presumably buttering their faces at the same moment, and that if the public could look in upon them it would be very much surprised indeed.

Have the pan very hot and profusely buttered.

" He began to butter slices of toast, in silence, expertly.

Slices of bread are very thinly buttered, the cheese mixture spread on generously, each slice covered with another slice, and set away until the filling cools and hardens, when the sandwiches are toasted on both sides and served hot.

Cut the roll into equal parts about one inch thick, place close together endwise in a spider, generously buttered, spread with one-fourth inch layer of brown, or maple sugar.

9 adverbs to describe how to  buttered  - Adverbs for  buttered