122 adverbs to describe how to buying

"O my dear love," said Portia, "dispatch all business and be gone; you shall have gold to pay the money twenty times over, before this kind friend shall lose a hair by my Bassanio's fault; and as you are so dearly bought, I will dearly love you."

You will say, that they had special authority from God to do so, in the words, "Both thy bondmen and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are around about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids."

Seldom bought.

"That this inestimable gift is cheaply bought by suffering in this world;that the giver of this great good has a right to try even to what may seem a cruel extent, the faith and love of those for whom he decrees this eternal bliss.

Indeed, he chattered so glibly of rising prices and better times that the packing scheme was immediately referred to his mature judgment; and he not only recommended it heartily, but offered to handle our "stuff" on commission, or to buy it outright if it proved marketable.

He had heard at Berlin that within a few months several hundred Bibles and Testaments had been sent into Bohemia, and had been eagerly bought there by awakened persons.

I had picked out one of the least valuable engraved stones, and had taken it to a lapidary, who readily bought it at his own valuation, and paid me with great promptness; but after he had secured it he asked me so many questions about it, particularly how I had come into possession of it, that I was very sure that he had made a wonderful bargain, and was also convinced that it would not do for me to take any more of my gems to him.

"[A] A short time since, hundreds of foreigners who came to this country were "bought" annually.

At all events, there is still a superstitious idea, betwixt a fantasy and a belief, that the possession of former Church-property has drawn a curse along with it, not only among the posterity of those to whom it was originally granted, but wherever it has subsequently been transferred, even if honestly bought and paid for.

"I had the best for her thenI jest would do itthere was white shoes and stockin's, and a reg'lar shroud like they make at Watauga; we never put a stitch on her that she'd worehit was all new-bought.

But really, if the women do manage to give us our tea at a reasonable rate, we will buy it gladly, even though, perhaps, we should be forced to attend the lectures in order to obtain it.

Less than half a century ago, a mart was regularly bought or fattened by the most respectable farmers, and even by many citizens.

By degrees the ager publicus fell into the hands of a few rich individuals, who were continually buying up smaller estates, which were cultivated by slaves, thus reducing the number of free agricultural labourers.]

I wonder if there are any such clocks to be bought anywhere nowadays?"

"He's the buying partner, and he buys cheap; and the other stays at home and sells, and he sells dear.

Furthermore a tract of pine forest was bought to afford summer quarters for the negro children, who did not thrive on the malarial plantation, and to provide a place of isolation for cholera cases.

It was with as much astonishment as indignation that Marie Antoinette learned that Boehmer believed that she had secretly bought the necklace, which openly and formally she had refused, and that he was looking to her for the payment of its price.

And Yankee was duly bought and ridden.

One day at school, the master, irritated beyond endurance, exhibits a new rod, bought expressly, so he says, "for flogging Facundo."

And unquestionably they can be bought cheaper in Africa than in Virginia.

Me and Dolly have bought this broom, and I'm looking out for a place to make a good crossing in.

Sesellius in his commonwealth of France, gives three reasons why the French nobility were so frequently bankrupts: "First, because they had so many lawsuits and contentions one upon another, which were tedious and costly; by which means it came to pass, that commonly lawyers bought them out of their possessions.

Now, as the trouble pressed itself more closely upon him,upon him and his Hester,he would so willingly buy off his enemy if it were possible!

"No, I've been buying flowers outside and using my own time in arranging them.

So, whenever repairs were necessary, she bought instead; and as she always kept herself fresh and perfect to the smallest detail she had to buy profusely.

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