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To camp outside and feel that all the old comfort and cheer had departed, was dreadfully heartrending.

We have spoken of the promptness with which the movement was made, and it may almost be said that General Meade had scarcely broken up his camps north of the Rapidan, when Lee was in motion to go and meet him.

They would sing that old song: 'We will camp awhile in the wilderness

There was not shelter for all the refugees, and some literally camped under the big ting-erhs (open pavilions with roofs but no side walls), their hastily collected household goods lying around them.

"In an hour's time they will have crossed the Shenandoah, and at nightfall they will camp on the farther mountains.

Leddy could well afford to curb his impatience as he camped comfortably by the water-hole, while his own horses grazed.

We are camped about a mile south of C. Armitage.

"Yes." "I shall camp nearby, so it will be no trouble to leave my burden at your door as I pass.

We personally have camped out under a variety of auspices,before a fire of pine logs in the forests of Maine, beside a blaze of faya-boughs on the steep side of a foreign volcano, and beside no fire at all, (except a possible one of Sharp's rifles,) in that domestic volcano, Kansas; and every such remembrance is worth many nights of indoor slumber.

At 12.35 p.m. camped at a small muddy pool, the grass very scanty and dry.

Within these limits they wander almost constantly with their great herds of reindeer, and so unsettled and restless are they in their habits, that they seldom camp longer than a week in any one place.

During stormy nights I have often camped snugly beneath the interlacing arches of this little pine.

"I can't believe it, Hugh," said Wilton, "because if Providence was willing to preserve us, when we camped squarely among the Indians, put out no guards, and fairly asked them to come and shoot at us, then it was for a purpose and we'll be preserved through greater and continuous dangers.

On the banks of the lagoon passed in the morning large heaps of mussel-shells showed the spots where, from the vast accumulation, the blacks had for many centuries camped successively on the same spots, and a well-beaten footpath along the bank showed that it was a favourite resort of the aboriginals.

Half an hour later he came in, informing me that "he'd heerd a coyote bark four or five times rather suspiciously nigh camp, and had been out to reconnoitre, thinkin' p'raps it was an Injun signal; but, havin' seen more or less of the critters prowlin' about, he rekconed it was all right.

The elf had said that he lived with the Lapps, who camped west of Lake Luossajaure, and she had begged leave to ride up on a sand truck to seek him, as no regular passenger trains came so far.

The camp ashore was then broken up, and a great effort was made to persuade Cook to permit Mr. King to remain, as he had succeeded in making himself a great favourite with all.

" "Camping securely between our enemies above and our enemies below," said Robert, his vivid imagination leaping up again.

The Double-Crank wagons were on the way in with a bunch of bawling calves and cows when it came, and they were forced to camp hastily in the shelter of a coulée till it was over, and to walk and lead their horses much of the time on guard that they might not freeze in the saddle.

I'm the kind of a sportsman who goes into the woods as light as possiblegive me a frying pan, coffee pot, tin cup and a pie platter, some pepper and salt, some matches, a camp hatchet to cut browse for my bed, and my trusty rifle with which to supply the game, and I warrant you I can get along as well as the fellow who makes a pack-horse of himself, and totes all sorts of canned goods over the carries.

They mostly camp hereabout for three months every year.

Best of all it was perfectly safe; for though from the door of her den she could look down on the old Indian's cabin, like a pebble on the shore, so steep were the billowing hills and so impassable the ravines that no human foot ever trod the place, not even in autumn when the fishermen left their boats at anchor in Harbor Weal and camped inland on the paths of the big caribou herds.

"So we camped miserably on in that sunken sewer.

Everything ran along smoothly with us from that point until we came within about eighteen miles of Green river, in the Rocky mountainswhere we camped at noon.

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