197 words to describe how to  care  - Adverbs for  care

197 words to describe how to care

I was enjoying every day's living, and didn't care deeply about anything else.

I should not have cared greatly if I had had to shoot the manas I certainly should have done had he disobeyed.

The truth is, however, that she has really come to love Thursfield passionately, and has broken her engagement with the other, for whom she never truly cared.

Mavity Bence and Mandy would care for them tenderly.

Mr. Willis said to her that he would take me to Fort Kearney with him, and see that I was properly cared for, and would bring me back safely in forty days.

At all the best possible points he interposed suggestive questions, and set up objections in the quietest manner for the Doctor to knock down, smiling ever the while as a man may who truly and genuinely does not care a sou for truth on any subject not practically connected with his own schemes in life.

Of course, Sir Horace, being a cautious man and occupying a public position, might not care to flaunt his weakness in the eyes of West End shopkeepers, and instead of paying the accounts of his lady friend of the moment, may have given her the money and trusted to her paying the billsa thing that women of that kind are never in a hurry to do.

Because they think nobody cares about that anymore, right?

But, in 1836, he altered it still further in detail; and in that state practically left it, apparently not caring to revise it further.

What you call selfishness in him is only the natural inheritance derived from an ancestry who for some hundred generations have certainly never cared for anything or any one but themselves.

"Personally, I care little for your pictures; but I can understand how travel scenes and scientific or educational subjects might be of real benefit to the people."

She was so stunned by the shock that she scarcely cared whether one of her children was spared or not; she only thought in her stupor that Mr. Parlin would not pay her for Dotty's lodging if the child was blown to pieces.

This prince, to the honor of David, was protected and kindly cared for.

"The woman obviously cared not a straw about anything but handling his moneyand couldn't even hide it!

He was lord of his library, and seldom cared for looking out beyond his domains.

There were severe frosts at night, and occasionally light flurries of snow; but the hardy beasts evidently cared nothing for any but heavy storms, and seemed to prefer to lie in the snow rather than upon the open ground.

Independence Hall and Independence Square are lovingly cared for, and visitors from all nations are careful to include them both in their tour of sight-seeing while in this country.

They cared passionately for the truth; they were virtually anonymous and not ambitious of originality or literary fame; they had no desire to stand between the book and its readers.

At thy command We bid adieu to worldly care.

I began to explain that I really had some interest in life outside of politics, but she was so convinced of the truth of her observation that it was quite useless to pursue the conversation, and I naturally didn't care.

The idea [of the Incarnation] no sooner flashed upon me as a possible reality than it became, what it has ever since remained, ... the only reality worth seriously caring for; a reality so clearly seen and possessed that the most irrefragable logic of disproof has always affected me as something trifling and irrelevant.

Surely God does care for the "other part," too.

"I care naught about the rest of them."

The child "must be roused to good by inclination, love, and respect, through the opinion of others about him," and this should be guided until he learns to care chiefly for the approval of the God within.

She can't possibly care for him.

That kind of thing may be all right, for those who care for itI frankly don'toutside a theatre.

His wife and his parents were dead; his children were being carefully cared for by relatives, the daughter Susan by her mother's sister, Mrs. Pickering, in Concord, New Hampshire, and the boys by their uncle, Richard C. Morse, who was then happily married and living in the family home in New Haven.

Probably they don't care very profoundly for the sermons; but they have got into a safe-sided, orthodox groove, and some of them have an idea that they will be saved as much by church- going as by faith.

The woman leaned her head for a moment against the tips of her slim and beautifully cared for fingers.

When you read in the reports from the War Office that five thousand are "missing," you like to think of them safely cared for in a hospital or dragging out the period of the war as prisoners.

"I surmised that you told me that because you honestly cared for her as a friend.

Men, as a rule, seldom remained at her side save through politeness, and even seemed to fear her; but never until now had she cared for any man sufficiently to wish to retain or interest him.

But Mr. Hamilton did not get the coveted appointment, and Mrs. Hamilton did not specially care for Mr. Hamilton when he failed in securing the things she wanted.

He felt quite sure that they would tell him the emperor's plans in their entirety, and accordingly did not care that either they or Germanicus

Four of the workers at the Stralsund city elderly care home in the Vorpommern-Ruegen.

He cared about my mother's deathcared badly.

We were affectionately cared for by dear I. C. and her daughter, and she and several other friends saw us on board the steamer.

I can ill care for them myself beneath this motley."

Contrary to the saying of Izaak Walton, the trout do not seem to care much for grasshoppers nowadays, although perhaps they may relish them in streams where food is less plentiful.

No recluse, but, rather, a companionable man, he cared little for what most people call amusement, but he cared tremendously for the human scene in which he lived and worked.

She had next to consider him, and that she must be hard and keep him from speaking at all; and this was very difficult, for she cared for him very dearly.

though I talk, I care not for Rome, nor Italy; feebly and faintly, and but with the lips, can lament the Wreck of the Lombard youth and the victory of the oppressor.

On the other hand, slaves, like Eleazar in the story of Abraham (Gen. 26) faithfully cared for the interests of their master and spared no effort to carry out his commands.

This new clinic delivers care closer to home and minimizes the burden of travel for children and their families.

It was hard, cruelly hard, on one who had given in the first hour of marriage, and never failed to give, a love whose devotion had no limit, no reserve or qualification; a submission that was less self-sacrifice or self-suppression than the absolute surrender of selfof will, feeling, and self-interestto the judgment and pleasure of him she loved: hard on her who had neither thought nor care for herself as apart from me.

Well, I'll be sworn I have; but I have no reason to tell you so much, that care so little for me [aside]: yet hark.

Looking back I seem always to have cared immensely.

And if he had doubted her, hadn't he the absolute proof that she cared, desperately?

Associates from all levels within the Mercy Health ministry continue to courageously and selflessly care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, he said in a statement.

Seemingly the German commander did not greatly care whose flag flew on the church tower overhead so long as he held dominion of the earth below and the dwellers thereof.