144 adverbs to describe how to care

The Colonel was always ready with pretended admiration of such bric-à-brac, but the truth was he cared very little about this gold he had come so far to find.

(Copyright, U. & U.)] [Illustration: AboveRed Cross men tenderly caring for the wounded.

She was so stunned by the shock that she scarcely cared whether one of her children was spared or not; she only thought in her stupor that Mr. Parlin would not pay her for Dotty's lodging if the child was blown to pieces.

" "For you," he answered, "personally we should care as for one of our brethren exposed to especial danger, For him who saved the descendant of our Founder, and who in her right, after her father and brother, would be the guardian, if not the head, of the only remaining family of his lineage, one and all of us are at need bound to die.

"I care naught about the rest of them.

He was lord of his library, and seldom cared for looking out beyond his domains.

At thy command We bid adieu to worldly care.

I was enjoying every day's living, and didn't care deeply about anything else.

"The woman obviously cared not a straw about anything but handling his moneyand couldn't even hide it!

" The woman leaned her head for a moment against the tips of her slim and beautifully cared for fingers.

For most of the six years her mother's condition was such that merely a general care was needed, but it used to be said that Maria's eyes were always upon her.

The trouble with Colin is that he cares, awfully, for such a lot of other things.

Contrary to the saying of Izaak Walton, the trout do not seem to care much for grasshoppers nowadays, although perhaps they may relish them in streams where food is less plentiful.

But Mr. Hamilton did not get the coveted appointment, and Mrs. Hamilton did not specially care for Mr. Hamilton when he failed in securing the things she wanted.

That kind of thing may be all right, for those who care for itI frankly don'toutside a theatre.

We were affectionately cared for by dear I. C. and her daughter, and she and several other friends saw us on board the steamer.

On Fourth-day, Robert Whitaker accompanied us to Pontefract, and we were comforted in his company, for we felt poor and weakmuch like children needing fatherly care.

I never saw human beings apparently in a lower condition than these bonzes, though some of the temples were under repair, and on the whole tolerably cared for.

They cared passionately for the truth; they were virtually anonymous and not ambitious of originality or literary fame; they had no desire to stand between the book and its readers.

My husband takes his family cares as lightly as a tomcat.

Independence Hall and Independence Square are lovingly cared for, and visitors from all nations are careful to include them both in their tour of sight-seeing while in this country.

He cared about my mother's deathcared badly.

She had next to consider him, and that she must be hard and keep him from speaking at all; and this was very difficult, for she cared for him very dearly.

Probably they don't care very profoundly for the sermons; but they have got into a safe-sided, orthodox groove, and some of them have an idea that they will be saved as much by church- going as by faith.

Youyou mustn't care so terribly.

144 adverbs to describe how to  care  - Adverbs for  care