233 adverbs to describe how to casting

On the 22nd of July the bodies of Shelley, Williams, and Vivian, were cast ashore.

Then rapidly I cast loose my ankle lashings.

It surprised me that Jacob was not utterly cast down by the possibility that his father had already been carried to the Indian village, for once there we could not hope to effect a rescue; but since this thought had, apparently, never come into his mind, it was not for me to add to his distress by suggesting it.

Count Bernard gained the lands, while I, Cast forth, forgotten, thus have grown To manhood; for I could not die I cannot dietill I atone For her great shame; and so you see

The mariner cast a half-comic, half-serious glance upward at the image of the patron saint, ere he replied.

We anchored that night outside Sandy Hook, and next morning cast our lines overboard, and commenced fishing.

The Castle of Kajana tells no secrets of those who die within its walls, or of those cast headlong into its waters and forgotten.

Upwards I cast my eyes, and, through a crevice, Beheld a star twinkling above my head, And, by the living God, I could not do it.

Then, casting carelessly over her shoulder that web-like shawl without which no woman nor spider is complete, she arranges her lips in the glass for the last time, and, with a garden-hat hanging from the elbow latest singed, goes down, humming un-suspiciously, into the open-air, with the guileless bearing of one wholly unprepared for company.

Each man shot two arrows, and as they shot, not a word was spoken, but all the crowd watched with scarce a breath of sound; but when the last had shot his arrow another great shout arose, while many cast their caps aloft for joy of such marvelous shooting.

I backward cast my e'e, On prospects drear!

I cast my eyes downward, and, to my astonishment, saw that it was built, not of limestone, but of huge square plugs of Cavendish tobacco!

I therefore cast the first part of that work anew in the Enquiry concerning Human Understanding, which was published while I was at Turin.

I do not say he will be able to prove each and every item of his great indictment, but when you wish to bring everything to light it is often necessary to cast your net so wide that none shall escape it, none linger in concealment with their actions unexplained.

This seed is sowed broad-cast on the land like grass and grain.

A great artist is here revealed, one whose feeling for line is so intense that he wilfully casts the drapery in unnatural folds in order to secure an artistic triumph.

Anna no longer smiled upon him; he was lightly cast aside to make way for a more favoured lover.

Oh, well And Mr. and Mrs. Bradley, sensing something of all this, were very unhappy and cast about desperately for some way to give their boy and girl the advantages that the others would have.

" "Still as a slave before his lord, The ocean hath no blast; His great bright eye most silently Up to the Moon is cast "If he may know which way to go; For she guides him smooth or grim.

Thy impiety is worse than thy poetry!" Apollo cast the scroll indignantly to the ground.

"For," says he, "I have seen three men hanged there for merely casting a Turk into the sea in a drunken frolic.

The looks of fierce defiance with which they had received the embassy gave way to anxious and timid glances, which they hastily cast at the ominous snake-skin, while they involuntarily drew back, as if they feared it would explode, and punish their rash temerity.

It stands now in the open field, a majestic tree; its great trunk, eight feet in circumference, its long arms covered with foliage, casting a broad shadow over the pasture beneath, in which cattle and sheep seek for coolness and ruminate in the heat of the summer days.

And by this was a great pile of the heads of men, and warriors were continually casting more and more upon the heap.

No, sir," he added, with a proud curl of the lip, as he cast the jewel contemptuously aside, "oaths are made for men who need laws to keep them to their promises; I need no more than the clear and unequivocal affirmation of a gentleman.

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