423 words to describe how to  change  - Adverbs for  change

423 words to describe how to change

In the midst of these sallies, however, a harsh looking personage in brown came up, upon which the countenance of our lively acquaintance suddenly changed, and they walked off together.

I soon became keenly interested in politics (I suppose it is in the bloodall the men in my family in America were politicians) and in the discussion of the various questions which were rapidly changing France into something quite different.

"But it's a fact that these seas are constantly changing," said Barnett.

It was, then, while I was living in sweet content, amid every kind of enjoyment, that Fortune, who quickly changes all things earthly, becoming envious of the very gifts which she herself had bestowed, withdrew her protecting hand.

For a moment, I could scarcely believe that it was the same place, so greatly was it changed.

Not content with crushing her, he took care that she never should revive; for he founded Alexandria as her substitute, and changed forever the track of the commerce of the world.

In the 1950s, paddles that used a rubber sheet combined with an underlying sponge layer changed the game dramatically, introducing greater spin and speed.

The smooth, long swell of the waves gradually changed into an agitated frothy surface, which constant flashes of lightning presented to us in all its horror; and in the mean time the wind whistled through the rigging, and the ship creaked as if she was every minute going to pieces.

Slowly they were changing from their heathen ways, but there was still much to do.

If a mistress finds her maid handy, and willing to learn, she will not mind the expense of a few lessons, which are almost necessary, as the fashion and mode of dressing the hair is so continually changing.

When a substance goes under a chemical reaction, the properties will change drastically, resulting in chemical change.

Instantly my mood changed to content.

When Turkey threw in her lot with the Germanic powers, the attitude toward the Jews and Christians changed radically; but of this I shall speak later.

The "angel child" is the type: regularly proportioned and perfectly made, like a fine piece of sculpture, with delicately chiselled features, transparent skin changing color easily, long silky hair, with an exceptional grace of movement and an alertness of mind.

It says that the system is fundamentally wrong and must be fundamentally changed before you can look for some improvement.

But while you are still new in the old country, it thrills you with strange emotion to think that this little church of Whitnash, humble as it seems, stood for ages under the Catholic faith, and has not materially changed since Wickcliffe's days, and that it looked as gray as now in Bloody Mary's time, and that Cromwell's troopers broke off the stone noses of those same gargoyles that are now grinning in your face.

Certainly he couldn't change her arms into wings, or cover her with feathers, or make her bones hollow so that the air might get all through her, even into her quills; but he could get her up into the tree, and even something more, perhaps.

I presume they have changed considerably since you looked before!

In this case, the mattresses should change places daily; the feather bed placed on the mattress shaken, beaten, taken up and opened several times, so as thoroughly to separate the feathers: if too large to be thus handled, the maid should shake and beat one end first, and then the other, smoothing it afterwards equally all over into the required shape, and place the mattress gently over it.

Wilkins abruptly changed the subject, and soon after he left us.

The Conquest had merely changed the old rivalry between two foreign powers into one between two widely differing British possessions; and this, because of the general unrest among the Americans, made the competition more bitter, if possible, than ever.

The spirit and temper of the Russian government may be judged by the fact that before the war was many days old the name of the Russian capital was officially changed from "St. Petersburg," which was considered to have a German flavor, to "Petrograd," a purely Russian or Slavic form of nomenclature.

I tell you she's changed altogether," said Peter, and there were tears in his grey eyes.

Will you not?" The pleading tone, the caressing clasp of the hand, the sadly changed face, the somber black weeds, made the voice and figure so much unlike the old Kate, that Merry stood for an instant confused and blushing as she stammered: "Bless me, Miss Kate, IIshouldn't have known you.

Duchemin thought it was never the same, but forever changing itself overnight, so to speak; and yet always itself, always like no other city in the world, fascinating.... "Fascinating?

His attitude toward her was wholly changed.

Let them remain for 2 days, changing the water twice each day, to draw out the salt.

The work demanded a firm but delicate touch, since the pressure must change with the swiftly-changing load.

The skirmishes of quadrille, she would say, reminded her of the petty ephemeral embroilments of the little Italian states, depicted by Machiavel; perpetually changing postures and connexions; bitter foes to-day, sugared darlings to-morrow; kissing and scratching in a breath;but the wars of whist were comparable to the long, steady, deep-rooted, rational, antipathies of the great French and English nations.

With such men as these the sweet spirit was kept aflame and eventually changed England and made her the great country she is.

Of course, her face changed, but the change was one of which she was probably unconscious, and which she couldn't have reproduced to her mirror; it was not a play of features, but a play of lights and shadows and nerves, a flow or an ebb of radiance in the eyes, a subtle sensitiveness of the lips and nerves; and her effect was mainly produced by her voice, over which she wielded indescribable powers of modulation.

28.The distinction, or real difference, between those simple sentences in which two or more nominatives or verbs are taken conjointly, and those compound sentences in which there is an ellipsis of some of the nominatives or verbs, is not always easy to be known or fixed; because in many instances, a supposed ellipsis, without at all affecting the sense, may obviously change the construction, and consequently the nature of the sentence.

[transubstantiation] in Scripture than for our Saviour's being substantially changed into all those things which are said of him, as that he is a rock, a vine, a door, and a hundred other things.'

Mike and Bryan have said that the world of Avatar has "definitely changed, and evolved, and advanced, but we're very conscious of keeping the same feeling.

"Accordingly I changed and came on late to the ball, as you know.

Although in the former case rebellion cannot be justified until every constitutional measure has been resorted to for redress,then, if redress be not given, the voice of the people in all representative governments may legally change oppressive for just laws, and oppressors for rulers who shall regard the popular will.

Prejudices and class-interests may occasion temporary disturbances in the current of human affairs, but they do not permanently change the course of the channel.

"I was just going to look for him," the girl replied in a voice strangely changed from that in which she had talked with Gifford.

Presently, however, those opinions changed, and the change was brought about by watching closely the trend of domestic affairs in the Gann establishment.

What inflection of English nouns regularly changes their gender? 8.

How gladly would I have changed places with Arthur, and with what sensations of despair I saw flitting before me in my mind's eye, the various visions of Carmel's loveliness which had charmed me out of myself.

They say in Dumfries that the police telegraphed after them, but they had reached Carlisle and evidently changed there, and so got away."

But a little careful explanation on my part, and a little attentive listening on hers, ultimately changed her opinion.

Then is one most struck with the varied and picturesque types of Oriental humanity, the continuously changing kaleidoscope of native races from Archangel to the Persian Gulf, the Baltic Sea to Afghanistán.

It has grown in complexity and bulk; women-workers in munitions are now nearly a fifth of the whole body; but essentially the general aspect of it has not changed much in the last twelve months.

Men change subtly as nations succeed to nations, religions to religions, philosophies to philosophies; and it is a property of immortal poetry to shift its appeal.

"Why, sir," answered Marston, "the man may possibly change his mind before the day of trial, and it is the hangman's office, not yours, my good sir, to fasten the halter about his neck.

After a further period of five days the line would again change automatically.

This is because the Duke's House temporarily changed its name thus.

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