64 adverbs to describe how to cheered

Then for the Prince Imperial Citoyens loudly cheer: That his right arm may often bring Some German to his bier; That distant Rhineland, trembling, May hear his battle-cry, And neutral nations wondering ask, "Oh!

The evening before the wedding Uncle John and the Major claimed Arthur for their own, and after an hour's conference between the three that left the young fellow more happy and grateful than ever before, he was entertained at his last "bachelor dinner," where he made a remarkable speech and was lustily cheered.

The whole camp was there to see them go, and cheered them right heartily, for we were all of us glad that the long waiting and delay had come to an end at last.

There, for perhaps half an hour, they paraded up and down, cheering wildly.

These resolutions was vociferously cheered, Mrs. GREEN becomin' so exsited that she whacked me over the head with her parasol in a most ongentlemanly manner.

" This cheered me considerably, and did somewhat return my faith in Don Sanchez, who certainly was the most extraordinary gentlemanly rascal that ever lived.

They cheered up wonderfully in a few days with good fresh air and sleep, and marched from Chitral quite briskly when they left.

Imperial Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg drove to the castle to congratulate the Emperor on the victory and was enthusiastically cheered along the way.

This enormous indifference to the solemnity of the court, and that "H'm," uttered loudly and without concealment, cheered Axel mightily; he felt himself no longer alone against the world.

Cheerily, cheerily, then cheer up.

They cheered the royal pair joyously the moment that they appeared.

They were cheered ironically by the maidens they had deserted on compulsion, and were smiled upon severally by Miss Arnett.

" February 15, 1844 O'Connell arrived from Dublinmuch cheered by the crowd outside and by the Irish and Radical members inside the House.

How many such men are there in our southern statesmen who are inwardly cheering on the abolitionist in his devoted work, and yet send up no voice to encourage him, but perhaps are traducing and denouncing him!

"Hurrah for the artillery!" shouted Arthur Wye, vigorously cheering himself and waving his glass, to the terror of Ione Carew, who attempted to dodge the sparkling rain in vain.

All this time Katie was plodding away at her millinery, inexpressibly cheered by Donald's new friendliness.

Then cried Geraint for wine and goodly cheer To feed the sudden guest, and sumptuously

and from the woods which screened the railway- embankment burst a long line of grey figures, hoarsely cheering.

30 Of wine she never tasted through the year, But white and black was all her homely cheer: Brown bread, and milk (but first she skimm'd her bowls), And rashers of singed bacon on the coals; On holy days, an egg or two at most; But her ambition never reach'd to roast.

And half the college heroically arose phenomenally early and stood in the first snow storm of the year and cheered and cheered for the team individually and collectively, for the head coach and the trainer, for the rubbers and the mascots, and, between times, for the college.

The waterfall cheers and purifies infinitely, but it marks no moments, has no reproaches for indolence, forces to no immediate decision, offers unbounded to-morrows, and the man of action must tear himself away, when the time comes, since the work will not be done for him.

As we could now distinguish both the brothers, we instinctively cheered them on drawing towards the landward side of the rock.

How empty the House was when he rose, how rapidly it filled to overflowing; then the intense silence which followed the rush, and lastly the overpowering cheers from all sides as he went on.

Then the Winnebagos nearly split their throats cheering, and Agony, who had slipped back to them, cheered louder than all the rest, advertising to all within earshot that she was a Winnebago and belonged to the winning entry.

Down the line he limped, while gray-haired graduates and downy-lipped undergrads cheered him loyally, calling his name over and over, and so back to a seat in the middle of the stand, from where all through the battle his crimson-bedecked cane waved unceasingly.

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