17 adverbs to describe how to chill

But when he returned to the party, he found them seated by a firefor the air had grown strangely chill and the sky overcastin apparently amicable conversation.

The body is readily chilled, if exposed to cold when the blood-vessels of the skin have been relaxed by heat.

So intense were his feelings, so active the workings of his mind, that he was quite insensible to the intensity of the cold; and his body keeping equal motion with his thoughts, if one may so express it, his frame actually set at defiance a temperature that might otherwise have chilled it, warmly and carefully as it was clad.

A deathly chill struck through and through me.

Decidedly the fury of the posse was chilled by the grin of George.

The death of a parent or child, though rendered more imposing to the spectator by the ceremonies of the sepulchre, does not chill the heart more deeply than the death of love.

You may chill a patient fatally without giving him fresh air at all.

Although it was July, there was so much ice in the bay in the shape of floating bergs that the water was of course fearfully chill.

" The winds grew increasingly chill, coming from the vast lakes beyond the Great Lakes, those that lay in the far Canadian north, and the skies were invariably leaden in hue and gloomy.

His frescoes and allegories illustrate the defects that have been pointed out in those of Raphael's and Buonarroti's imitators.[402] Want of thought and feeling, combined with the presumptuous treatment of colossal and imaginative subjects, renders these compositions inexpressibly chilling.

The seeming cruelty of the expression struck me like a sentence of death, and momentarily chilled my feeling towards Lowell; but the incident made me understand some things in life as I could not have otherwise understood them, enabling me to take a larger view of our individual sorrows.

Plainly she was chilled through.

One has often seen an audience quite unnecessarily chilled by a disconcerting "curtain."

As the car ran swiftly through the clean October air, and the wind and sun alternately chilled and warmed his blood, Wharton considered these possibilities.

They had been intimidated by the guns of Jerry and his chum, but this new source of danger chilled their ardor wonderfully.

But the apparition of Mr. George Bonover, headmaster of the Whortley Proprietary School, chilled him amazingly.

It was a spectacle for a lifetime, and has never been offered to me again; but I reached Martin's, where we had to put up, dangerously chilled.

17 adverbs to describe how to  chill  - Adverbs for  chill