9 adverbs to describe how to classic

Although we should be far from admitting so general a definition of Art as this, yet it is sufficient as an answer to the admirers of the purely classic school.

By its combination of lofty thought and severely classic style the book has won, and deserves, a very high place among our literary records.

They confined themselves generally to the strictly classic, but were beginning to play a little Schumann that year.

so the silver plate is to be seen; then he wipes his hair with his handkerchief, and observes delicately: "Beautiful day, isn't itsimply classic!" Barbro too is self-possessed enough; she plays with a silver ring on one hand and a gold ring on the otheray, true enough, if she hasn't got a gold ring tooand she wears an apron reaching from neck to feet, as if to say she is not spoiled as to her figure, whoever else may be that way.

When writing his Notes on Virginia in 1781 Jefferson denounced the slaveholding system in phrases afterward classic among abolitionists: "With what execration should the statesman be loaded who, permitting one-half of the citizens thus to trample on the rights of the other, transforms those into despots and these into enemies ...

But though the style be often raised, the thoughts are always calm, equal, and rigidly classic.

The singing is neither loftily classic nor contemptibly common-place.

So Burke's orations are "elegantly classic" in style, but are illumined by bursts of emotion and romantic feeling.

de Girardin, and the exquisitely classic profile, which, enframed, as it were, by the capricious spirals of the lightest, fairest flaxen hair, resembled the outline of some antique statue of a Muse.

9 adverbs to describe how to  classic  - Adverbs for  classic