162 words to describe how to  cleared  - Adverbs for  cleared

162 words to describe how to cleared

Then her clouded face cleared suddenly with its luminous smile.

Gradually, my brain clears, and a sense of security, for the time being, comes to me.

The country seen to the northwards was of too flat and sandy a character to give any hope of finding water or grassand without these requisites, it would be incurring great risk of losing the horses, and of course defeating the object of the expedition; therefore, taking advantage of the partially cleared tracts of yesterday, we reached the watering place at 4.30 p.m. 28th September.

" Acton remained watching at the window while the others hastily cleared away all traces of the feast; the Triple Alliance retired to their own room, and nothing further was heard or seen of the mysterious visitor.

But the young face cleared as quickly as it had clouded.

A dose or two of this medicine will effectually clear them out, without increasing the irritation, or weakening the child, whilst it will in most instances altogether remove the symptoms.

Slowly the scene cleared, and I recognized Grey's features, drawn and constrained, and yet welcoming.

I must have done more; I must have covered the whole lounge with pillows and cushions; for, presently my mind cleared again, and I recollected that it was something about the poison.

The schooner was moved into the stream, as the drift-wood collected in large quantities, and could not be easily cleared away from the bows when moored near the bank.

But to return:If I have not sufficiently cleared my conduct to thee in the above; I refer thee once more to mine of the 13th of last month.

19 in Seattle, where I damn near didn’t make the match, I never really got medically cleared to do the match.

What we have to do is to help on that international life and spirit to our best, and certainly clear out a lot of sham patriotism that stands in its way; but this has to be done with discrimination and a certain tact.

We are clearing away the wreckage from the mouth of the shaft as rapidly as possible, in the hope that we may get down there in time to save his life.

In boiling the syrup, clear it carefully from scum before the oranges are added to it.

Then the sky swiftly cleared, and with the clearing there rose a great cry of amaze from stem to stern of the Wolverine.

Scarcely had the field been cleared from the enemy he so greatly dreaded, ere a new rival came upon the stage, to whose arms, though without any great foundation, the whole town of Southampton had consigned the charming Delia.

Cotton was seldom planted on newly cleared land, as the roots and stumps rendered it difficult to cultivate the land without injury to the growing plant.

Or will yeye bullying Syrens!grow whiskers and wear pantaloons, and put us in station-houses, and clear us out of the Census altogether?

This being done to our buccaneer's satisfaction, and the Spanish captain being stretched out in the corner of the cabin, he instantly cleared his countenance of its terrors, and bursting forth into a great loud laugh, clapped his hand to the Sieur Simon's, which he wrung with the best will in the world.

I was determined not to shed blood except in the last extremityI speedily cleared a circle round me, still grasping my guide with the left hand, from a providential instinct which suggested that his close contiguity might in some way protect me.

Twice he cleared up his throat like your clock does when it gets ready to strike, and then he tore out a page of the paper and put it in his pocket, and he gathered up the rest of it and burned it, all but one sheet that was under the table, and I got it here."

While I am up here, let us clear these away forever.

" Acton remained watching at the window while the others hastily cleared away all traces of the feast; the Triple Alliance retired to their own room, and nothing further was heard or seen of the mysterious visitor.

The first circuit was run, the last fence of it safely cleared.

"But I hope for the Morristons' sake the mystery will be soon satisfactorily cleared up."

Dey was working with wheelbarrows and shovels to clear up de track ahead.

Although the ridge had been partly cleared by the Indians for their fields of maize, so much of it was still underneath a thick jungle growthsome walls were actually supporting trees ten and twelve inches in diameterthat it was impossible to determine just what would be found here.

Keats's brother George (then in America) was presumably one: he is, however, regarded as having eventually cleared himself from the distressing imputation.

Again they ascended, and, after a few more minutes of trial, they reached a sort of table-land, and drew near an opening in the trees, where a small circle had evidently been cleared of its wood, though it was quite small and untilled.

Happily the weather cleared up between one and two o'clock, and we got ready to depart; but our kind host and hostess would not let us go without taking a snatch, as they called it; which was in truth a very good dinner.

" In a moment of waiting Larsen cleared his throat solemnly.

If a ship be lost on the bar at the entrance of a Southern port for want of sufficient depth of water, it is very likely to be a Northern ship; and if a steamboat be sunk in any part of the Mississippi on account of its channel not having been properly cleared of obstructions, it may be a boat belonging to either of eight or ten States.

The skiff of the party continued to pull slowly along the fringed shore, occasionally sheering more into the lake, to avoid some overhanging and nearly horizontal tree, and then returning so closely to the land, as barely to clear the pebbles of the narrow strand with the oar.

After the outbreak of 'liver-rot,' above referred to, the ground landlord, a Mr. John Bellingham, instructed his solicitor to insert a clause in the lease of the beds directing that the latter should be periodically cleared and examined by an expert to make sure that they were free from the noxious water-snails.

The report, called Grand Theft Chaco, says cattle ranchers in the Chaco region illegally cleared land inhabited by the Ayoreo Totobiegosode tribe, the only indigenous people living in voluntary isolation anywhere in the Americas outside the Amazon.

He cleared his throat raspingly.

Jennifer cleared her throat loudly.

There are men still alive who no doubt could clear up the question at issue, and it is much to be hoped that they will do so.

HOW TO MAKE A JELLY-BAG.The very stout flannel called double-mill, used for ironing-blankets, is the best material for a jelly-bag: those of home manufacture are the only ones to be relied on for thoroughly clearing the jelly.

Below these upper reaches, then the least settled and wildest portion of the country along the Ohio, the river flattened and widened, the current becoming more gentle, and the shores, though not yet wholly cleared of their forests, presenting here and there scenes of rural rather than of savage beauty.

I don't believe she originally cleared from there."

He cleared his throat nervously.

But now the storm has lulled once more; the air has cleared awhile, and we can talk calmly over all the wonders of that sudden, strange, and sad "Two years ago."

That rainstorm last night cleared things up beautifully.

" Abe grinned all over his face and cleared his throat importantly, but before he could answer, Samuel growled: "Ter me!

This item can be used in any stage to automatically clear the level, bypassing it completely.

Fortunately, the clouds were clearing away, and the moon threw light sufficient to enable the hunter to strike with a more certain aim: he found also on the ground one of the rails, made of the blue ash, very heavy, and ten feet in length; he dropped his knife and tomahawk, and, seizing the rail, he renewed the fight with caution, for it had now become a struggle for life or death.

This the eyes upon the other slope were quick to note; they cleared briefly as though with a new understanding, only to grow harder than before.

Next morning, luckily, the weather cleared up, when my men brought over the tent, and in the afternoon the other two wagons.

The mosses, which grow on the bark of trees, take much nourishment from them; hence it is observed that trees, which are annually cleared from moss by a brush, grow nearly twice as fast.